Finished - Knights Exemplar and Converted Officer!

Finished a squad of Knights Exemplar. They’re 5 Grunts now and the box had 6, so I turned the last into an Officer (1st from left), since PP was out of Officers.

The Officer got the sergeant’s finger-pointing arm and an arm off another Exemplar, with the second hand removed from the sword and replaced with a Green Stuff handle. Also note the metallic-blue chainmail coif, which is painted gunmetal with a thin coat of blue speedpaint over the top for a metallic glaze.

The Sergeant got a spare Exemplar Errant hand, holding a spare Menoth warjack head, with an alternate color scheme. It’s not supposed to be the regular Menoth scheme - since my army is based off the Union in the Civil War, I figured the Confederacy, if it had steam-powered war robots, would have this sort of livery, silver with red trim. The “oil” on the Sergeant’s sword blade is also Green Stuff, painted glossy black.