Everblight, You know the score

So is this about right?

Absylonia (Blighterghast meal)
Rhys (Khymera crew)
Saeryn (Khymera crew)
Fyanaa (Khymera crew)
Kryssa (Khymera crew)
Anamag dead, d-e-e-d, dead
Bethanye (Everblight crew)
Kallyus (Everblight crew)
Lylyth (Everblight crew)
Thagrosh (Everblight crew)
Vayle (Everblight crew)

Eiryss, Echo of Everblight (should be a Mark IV) thing.


Spoilers for everybody who has not followed Emergence. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not quite correct. It’s more like this:

Rhyas (defected)
Saeryn (defected)

Absylonia (death by Blighterghast, shard consumed by him)
Anamag (killed by Rhyas, with assistance from Blighterghast, shard unaccounted for in the story)
Fyanna (killed by Rhyas, shard consumed by the Twins)

All still around as far we know:

Eiryss, Echo of Everblight – No clue what you’re talking about. :slight_smile:


Anamag doesn’t have a shard, that’s called out in the story. She was a Dhunian priestess who used some sort of blighted blood magic, she never got a shard


I’ll go dig up that book later, but she had to have a shard. Everblight engineered his dragonspawn to require them. Plus, given his control issues, he’d never let a non-sharded warlock have any of his forces. :slight_smile:

From No Quarter Prime #5’s entry on Anamag:


While it does not strictly (and boringly) say “Everblight gave her a shard of his athanc, and that was how she gained magic”, his “gift” has been defined as exactly that in various other stories, and ogrun (up until the D&D 5E material) simply could not use magic otherwise.

The simplest explanation is that she had a shard. (I’ll poke around and see if I can find an explicit reference.)


That’s why she’s deed.

The power of a good blighted diet mixed in with PP teasing us. They’re naughty like that.

Eyriss needs to accept Everblight into her heart :sparkling_heart: and bring her sword :dagger: too.

Oh, that. Right, I forgot about that. That’s an alternate history caster that was created for the proto-Lock & Load event back in like 2008. :laughing: Those eventually got released as the alt history casters in late MK II.

She is severely non-canon. :rofl:


This is from Emergence Pt 4

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I read part 4, but … I absolutely must not have read that line.

… Huh. Wonder how I missed that.

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Easy to miss, it’s one of the longer stories in the app so far.

I’d have to find my copy of NQP about the Blighted Ogrun for more info, that’s where her origin story is.

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She doesn’t have to be. I want to believe.
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Anamag is like that. She’s shady.

Also noted that Rhyas (and the inner voice of Saeryn) don’t even blink at Anamag not having a shard, like no surprise at all. The consume of blighted flesh and blood was probably enough for her. Toruk and the other dragons are able to blight, control and give powers, apparently without shard tricks, so it may be a case of Everblight experimenting.

Also, in order to create all the remaining Warlocks, the twins would need more shards or find another trick, specially if all the Saeryn’s Shard Warlocks also require that much energy.

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I have this mini. I’ll try to post a picture.