Army Racked Spells

Hi! Idk if this was answered before. For the prime army’s will the second army be sharing the same racked spells or will they be getting their own set of 10 spells. For example, for Dusk will House Kallyss share the same rack spell list with the next House added to Dusk?

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I can’t point to a specific quote but everything I’ve heard from staff suggests that Racks will be unique to the Army.


Short answer: not 100% certain. I remember a vague mention about this somewhere, but I have no idea where. I feel like the reference was to the effect of “We might add totally unique rack spells at some point” but I am rather uncertain about that.

Odds are good that some spells will be unique to an army, and some Faction-signature spells (like Razor Wind in Khador) will be universal. We’ll have to wait and see, though!


Yeah that’s what I remember to9. Glad I didn’t miss anything haha I’m thinking to far ahead and patiently waiting for my Dusk to come in