2nd Army Wishlist

Some ideas and wishlist I have for the unannounced 2nd army name and themes.

Cygnar: “First Army of the Golden Crucible”

  • Trenchers with a Crucible Guard theme, weaponising chemicals to their advantage removing resistance, armour and such.

Orgoth: “Fate Sealed”

  • Similar to the Praetorians focusing on the martial aspect

Khador: Old Umbrey

  • A mix of khadoran paladins wielding axes (iron fang axemen, Iron fang uhlans, etc) and choirs singing the hymn of menoth.

Dusk: House Laarysaar

  • Portrayed as a mix between the Ellowuyr and the immortals of Skorne.

Southern Kriels: “Fishmen”

  • Fishmen tribe of the Alchiere Subcontinent, a mix between gatormen, bog trogs and maybe even merfolk.

Khymaera: “Frostfang Shard”

  • A warcaster-led army with draconic-ish vectors.

Cryx: Cephalyx

  • Cephalyx

What do you have in mind?

We already know Khymaera’s will be Emberfrost Shard. And its heavily implied that Saeryn will take the lead on the design so I expect more Cyriss influence.

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I think the second army has been redered to “graveddiger”, so probably just nu trenchers, like storm legion is nu storm knights

We know nthing other tha fury based, but i would hope it focuses on the slave auxiliaries rom their continent

That could be very cool, but i’m wanting to see the zu gatoman, that wih no evidence decided they look like gharial, so yeah unfortunamently it will just be a more traditional trollkin/pygmi troll

Could be cool, but thanks to incarnate cadre we can expect just a diferent flavor of cyber dragonspawn, and the khymaera compendium kindof hints that they use the same types of soldiers, just in diferent roles

Cephalyx deserve their bespoke faction, and would create problems for cryx second army design wise, like now either exulonscan control jacks/beasts(we dont know even if cryx is fury or focus yet) or the cadre cohort would need to be a monstrosity, and the khymaera compendium makes mention of peopl being enslavade an turned on neconomecanikal horrors, so sugesting the the first cryx army will be nu thralls, wich is my second least favorite part of cryx(the least is ghot fleet), but i would love dragon knights of toruk and nu helljacks and bonejacks.
If cryx is fury based, i could see a few possibilities
-blighted trollkin, with black(sludge) trolls and blighted dire trolls, but thats too close in my opinion to brinebloods, but could be done for being a dark mirror for BBM
-Cryxian tharn with marine blighted beasts and warpsharks, not much to say, could be argued that should be circle not cryx(they were taken from a short story of the thatn twins)
-Church of toruk with toruk dragonspawn, could be, but could be arguedthat is too similar to khymaera, legion and if we ever see a cult of blighterghast could be too similar to them also
-??? and bone construct like wolds, but im stumped on what would be the leaders, we never heard about more blackclads that turned coa to cryx beside gaspy,not saying he didnd share knowledge of how to create wolds and cryx perverted it

It seems all but confirmed with the southern kriels cadre that the other southern Kriels faction is croaks/gators/bog trogs…even snake or turtlefolk?

It’d be interesting if this one focused more on croaks as the main units instead of gators. There could be some still, but like more as solos/ attachments so it feels more like a combined arms type of army. Like maybe a unit of voodoo shaman crocs instead of close combat.

Some options for main units would be like a unit of croak warriors who use poisoned short bows, and a unit of zombie gator men with staggering recurrence but more shambolic attacks than their living brethren. Like more of a tar pit than hard hitting melee.

Lasty, the beasts would probably be some thing like a heavy gator (or maybe turtle) and a light swamp troll. Both seem like they would be pretty easily magnetized kits, the gator could make a wrangler (melee) or blind walker (arc node), maybe like a gharial head as a third option with fishing net and spear. and the swamp troll would have a range of swamp themed weapons

There’s still the question of what else is in the kriels cadre. My guess is some sort of unit that gets boosted damage or some sort of other advantage vs things that are on fire.

With ~3 armies coming out per year, I’d expect them mid 2025 at the earliest. But that could change based on how fast things get done.

All but confirmed is a bit of a stretch, that would be like saying that khador second army would focus n nu man-o-war, that cygnars second would be nu stormsmiths or dusk second would focus on ret remanents, you could be right but still a ways to go to affirm it will be, for all we know PP didnt even decide yet, all i get from firetongue warriors is that they are an interesting auxilia unit employed bu the southern kriels

They are on alchire, we have 0 mentions of gators there, we for the longest time only knew of lethians(or whatever they are called) there (and maybe croacks, dont recall from where they are originary from) as a sentient race, now we have the bullcroacks
There are those who said to have encountered gatorman like creatures in zu, but that is (in universe) considered hearsay

Painted trolls of alchire are a thing, so i would be surprised if they are not one of the main beasts of the second army

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I just think it will be very likely that the second kriels will be some sort of Blindwater remake. Mostly because they get connected through fluff/lore. Like I think the second Khadijah army is more like to be based around assault konmandos than it is to be about kiddie woodsmen and manhunters. Because both armies are more likely to have access, lore wise to these units. I’m just like… evidence points in this direction

You know the bullcroacks of the cadre are not the normal crocaks, and i heard no mention of blindwater in alchire(given i dont know that much on requiem lore), the only evidence is madam moriarty, and PP has been very clear normal croacks and bullcroacks are not the same thing, and is far more likely that is the actual defenses of the southern kriels than blindwater 2.0, becaus everything even the faction name sugests more trollkin

Yes I know they aren’t normal croaks. It’s probable they come from in/near the brackish lake though, the secret base of the brinebloods. This army would definitely feel like “it came from the black lagoon”. More like that than the original voodoo theme. But there’s probably some overlap between these ideas. So any sort of thing that fits that theme.

I’m just sayong we have 0 evidence of such a thing, at this moment the only informations cadres give are,whats is unlikely(rolewise) to be on the second army, like emberfrost shard is unlikely to have heavy cav, old umbrey(last name used by PP) will most likely not have superheavy melee infantry, the only cadre with crucial information on the second army was orgoth that told us the second army is fury based(and that the heavy will probably be a non monstrosifyed ravener), your argument will only have backing when the second armys start to get spoiled and if they match the themes of the cadres, at the moment the evidence we have suports the oposite(old umbrey do not sound man-o-war is and gravediggers do not sound stormsmithy

Let’s not forget that most of the Southern Kriels are those trolls who followed Madrak & Co. and are living in and around Tolok Fortress. In Into the Deep Wilds there’s a mention that Gunnbjorn is training their defenders to become akin to a real national army. So what we could have as the second Southern Kriels army is a more professional standing army version of the United Kriels.

Would that sound like too much of just a remix of old Trollbloods? In my opinion, no more than new Cygnar and Khador are remixes of their old factions.

Cadres are supposed to be auxiliaries that work for both (all) armies of a faction, not teasers of the unreleased army, so I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions based on what we’ve seen. PP has a knack of coming up with stuff that’s both totally unexpected, as well as making complete sense in the lore.

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