Energy Syphon vs Gharlghast

So, one of our newer players was piloting my Orgoth earlier tonight and we ran into an interesting interaction.
His opponent charged the Gharlghast with a dusk blade equipped eidolon. The gharlghast had 19 ARM due to Horruskh feat + Curse of Shadows, so the Mat 7 Eidolon had to roll snake eyes in order to miss, and 3 or less to not damage.

So, he hit, stole a focus, damaged, adding a focus to the Gharlghast, bought an attack. Repeat until the Gharlghast fell dead.

Our new player inquired if this was an intended interaction, to which my only reply was “it’s a very corner case interaction that I’m sure PP is fine with.”

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It’s been discussed enough on recent podcasts, that I’m certain pp is aware of it. It can be a bit of a feels bad for the gharleghast player though, so shame on your dusk player!

Taking a dusk heavy that isn’t Israfyl is strange, much less one with an energy siphon, unless they were going specifically for that interaction.

Save that for tourney jank, not showing someone the ropes!

It was just his stock Scyrafael list vs my stock Horruskh list.

Thankfully, he invested Israfyl and Scyrafael on the charge into the Gharlghast before accidentally walking into this interaction, so Scyra was on 0camp for Horruskh to charge and kill her the next turn. Haha.

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lol nice! Instant retribution!

I’m mostly being tongue-in-cheek here, but I would guess that dusk player knew exactly what they were doing!

I think needs changing to “May gain focus” in the monstrosities rules.