Brinebloods added to app

Holy crap that spell list is :pinched_fingers:t4:

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All of it looks great, I’m totally in love.

The spray attack on the squid. That’s a fine level of simulation :smiley:

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The heavy has so many good combinations! That with the spell list…mmmm chef’s kiss.

the dire’s 30 hp 21 arm with regen and retaliatory strike if you want! Ouch! Though if you go that route, he’s only melee. Well, tradeoffs! Looks cool, can’t wait to see the rest!

I think it can be ARM 22 if you’re willing to give up some offense. Spearback gets you to 20, then Narwal Spear Gauntlet and Shark Skull Gauntlet are each a Buckler.


THE HAMMERHEAD HAS CRIT CONSUME. You hit a guy with a live shark and it eats them. Thats it, I’m all-in. I’m selling my mk4 Khador starter and Dusk battlebox, Brineblood is my mk4 faction now!


I know. It’s not like that Crit consume is really relevant in many cases, as most small-base non-Leaders are killed by the damage anyway - but it’s just too hilarious when a MacBain-feated solo just gets eaten.

Reef troll has a pack of some great animi to choose from, too.

I was concerned that the Brinebloods were too silly and comical to fit the setting’s rather grim tone (especially post-Claiming), but they’re just too cool for me to worry about being all serious. Besides, as someone who has called himself “The Captain” for well over two decades now, embracing my inner pirate comes naturally.

Not to mention we got a look at the cavalry


Honestly when I heard about this model, my heart sunk. I just didn’t know if I was going to like it or not, I’ve seen other tabletop blimps that I wasn’t a fan of.

This concept art nails it so well

I’m so excited to see the mini in person

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Oh wait, it’s on a 50mm?? This isn’t the big solo???

One thing I think is really cool about the Brineblood beasts is that it’s a glimpse at what other sorts of things the dev team is willing to tweak using hardpoints.

In Warcaster:NM and in the first 4 Mk4 armies it seemed like hardpoints were gonna be somewhat… static might be the best term? You have a jack chassi with base stats and some base abilities, and the hardpoints either give it one ability or a weapon (or two sometimes). This works, but one thing I was nervous about going in to Mk4 releases was that it would become a bit dull. One thing that I always enjoyed in Legacy factions was the different ‘chassi’ available to each faction that let you have a pretty wide variety of capabilities between the various battlegroup models. Some factions like Cygnar would have one faster heavy chassis and one slower and tougher heavy chassis, or Khador with the standard Juggernaught vs the lighter unstable Berzerker. In Mk4 armies though a heavy is always the same stats with just different weapons (Winter Korp is a slight exception because they have two types of heavy instead of 1 heavy and 1 light); an Orgoth heavy is always an Orgoth heavy, just with a couple differences.

Brinebloods beasts show that doesn’t need to be true though. The Reef Troll can be a MAT 7 melee ‘chassis’ or a RAT 6 shooting ‘chassis’, or a cheaper platform with a standard MAT 6 RAT 5. The Deepbourne can flex between a melee platform or a RAT 7 ranged platform and base ARM values anywhere between 18 and 20. Just adding stat mods to different hardpoint choices feels like it does a lot to change the variety of different beast types you can put on the table.

I think it’s also really interesting that the animus isn’t always the same sort of hardpoint. The Reef Troll’s animus selection is completely independent of any other choices, but the Deepbourne’s comes with a weapon choice and a stat mod. I think this creates some interesting choices in listbuilding because you can’t, for instance, make a “support” Deepbourne who’s job is to sit in the back and take potshots while handing out Rage unless you’re willing to give up the +2 RAT that comes with Recoil. You have to choose whether you want the beast to excel at shooting or provide support with mediocre RAT.

I dunno, I just think it’s really interesting and I’m excited to see what other variations in the hardpoint system they come up with in future armies. Hopefully this kind of depth isn’t limited to warbeasts and we can start to see some warjacks with similar sorts of choices in the future.


Yea that appears to be the 3-model cavalry unit, the 80mm solo is supposedly a bigger version of that. I’m wondering if they’ll have any neat rules interactions or just literally be “the cav but bigger”

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I too am intrigued by the possibilities of stat adjusting selections. I’m excited to see where they choose to go with that

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I, too, am a fan of the Brineblood beast innovations. Very excited to see how the other “hordes” factions appear.


I really like that there is even stat changes with different upgrades. Really continues emphasizing that each load out is a different type of unique beast even though they have changed from different models to upgradable parts.

I love the fact that the bombs are being held in place with ropes.

I’m curious to see if they’ll do negative stat adjustments for a very powerful effect of some sort. I don’t even know what that would be, but it’s interesting from a game design perspective

And with an actual slip knot for quick release, too. The li’l pirate doesn’t even need a cutlass to cut them loose.

I thought the Archipelagos/Sea Turtle was the 80mm? Or is It a gargantuan?