What Do You All Think of The Cursebound Rules?

Berserk is going to be nuts.


Yeah the solos are actually super tanks they’re almost light warjacks, they can do decent damage to heavy armor also. And they heal right up so make sure you send enough power to deal with them

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I think they are very strong. Thanks to spell ward the enemy can not target them with spells, sadly neither can the orgoth player. Thanks to Blood drinker you can stop the berserk attacks and prevent killing your own models, as long you killed a living model with the last attack.

Best way to fight them is probably volume fire, the Grhotten champion especially dies fast if you boost the damage rolls. Only for the Grhotten Keeper is bigger caliber nedded.

It’d be fun to build a beast list that was just all these and a tarraske and Roks

That’s what I “made” with what’s released for Orgoth haha.

I really like the berserking weapon master stuff going on in the cadre…

Is it a thing that the Grhotten Champion can use Thresher and then maybe hit like 3 enemy models and because of side step then move up to 6" or am I missing something about it?

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Per this ruling, we can determine it only triggers once:

(Also, welcome!)