[Battle Report] Cryx is again trying their luck against the Empress' finest

Tatiana is called to battle again. This time Cryx is again moving into the Empress’ territory. Scaverous is testing himself against Khadorian steel.

You can read all about here: https://greylordarchives.blogspot.com/2024/05/kommander-tatiana-sikora-vs-lord.html

For the Motherland!

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Couple of random comments for you. :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that Aiming, rerolling Suppressors didn’t just wipe out the whole Bane unit! RAT 7 vs. DEF 12 and ARM ≈15ish sounds like good odds to me!

Unhallowed on the Wraith Engine only applies to ranged and magic attacks, so it’s only ARM 20 (18+Death Ward, right?) in melee.

Last thing: what happened to the two Officers who were standing between the well and the 'jack, screening the path to Sikora? I think you were safe if you had left that spot blocked. :slight_smile:

A couple of random answers :slight_smile:

It turns out that odds are deceiving. I rolled like a drunk and blind one armed parrot (or something). It was the plan to wipe them out. It seems to be the story about Suppressors for me. There is no average good or bad day. They either over perform or are rubbish (irregardless or odds).

Yes, after reading about the Wraith Engine, it turns out that Unhallowed is only against ranged. I simply can’t remember if we played it correctly. I just assume we did. My opponent usually knows his rules. I have updated the text. Thank you.

The two officers were just standing around watching the Bane sized hole between them. Until Tartarus arrived and removed them. Opening up the highway for the Banes. I also assumed I was safe…

Aha. Got it!

And yes, on anything approximating the other 90% of dice rolls you apparently didn’t get, Suppressors are amazing :rofl: