Abyssal King Discussion

Well the Abyssal King is on the app now, so here’s some thoughts

Has the ability to go melee or ranged- the melee version costs 28 points and is a speed 6 MAT 8 3 initials, range 3 pow 22 attack with two backup attacks at pow 19., plus 3 ranged attacks at pow 14/15. Arm 21 in melee, plus plasma nimbus makes this version possibly the better unless you are playing Firequill or some other ranged based force.

The Ranged version costs a few points more, most loadouts are 32 points. For that, you get an extra spray attack and the Retaliatory Strike animus. Also slightly better RAT and you can fire multiple 3" AOE’s depending on how many casks you take

Compared to Gharlghast- The Gharlghast has a fair bit more HP but worse armor. Melee power Of the Gharlghast is similar, but the Gharlgast needs to be damaged for it’s +2 SPD to have the same threat range as the Abyssal.

Compared to Mastodon- The Mastodon has better shooting, but a lower melee threat range. Both have similar durability.

Cross faction comparisons always are a bit flawed - but i will note that the Mastodon has a longer melee threat range once you factor faction buffs. The abyssal king is 11" base, and 12" with the Triton figurehead.

The Mastodon is 10" base, 12" with Superiority, and 14" with Yana’s Conferred Rage or Valerii’s Escort.

well so far i think i’m going with a blue ringed octopus as the inspiration for the color scheme for mine- anyone else have any other color schemes they’re planning? Some octopi or cephalopods can change color to match almost any surrounding, so I suppose whatever scheme you choose, an octopus might have done it before!

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I’m really excited for it, it seems like a lot of fun. Painting it is likely to drive me insane though, I already can’t help trying to hit every little barnacle on the Deepborn lol