Wait... That is not a Warcaster model?

With Widget appearing in Monsterpocalypse and other characters popping in and out of Warmachine, if the thinness of Riot Quest’s realty swallowed up a character and sent them to Warcaster, which character would you like to see in WC?

Mechano-Shredder. It’d be hilarious :smiley:

Boss Machorn would be pretty cool too. I painted mine in MvC2 Sentinel Colors :slight_smile:


I want a Squad of 2-wound Marchers troops wearing Boss Machorne type exosuits, each wielding oversize two-handed weapons.


Karchev. Imagine he’s so stubborn that, even after millennia, he still refuses to die? Perhaps he knows that, once he’s gone, the last living memory of Khador will be lost, and so he continues to endure just to keep the last flicker of memory of the Motherland alive.


My guess is, Karchev is actually one of the surviving Keepers.

We “know” from the Henge Hold Scrolls that Vlad and Sorscha’s child escaped to the Cyriss galaxy. Would be nice to see their distant successor - like we have with Caine’s great-great-many-great-granddaughter in Artemis Fang.


Yep that would be too cool.

BMH would fit into Warcaster nicely.

Deathjack-Kharchev would be cool. Sinister secrets from the Skulls of Hate slip him through. They are Internal in nature and could access the Cyriss Galaxy of the celestial machine starts breaking down due to over arc mining.

Might leave a viod for someone to pass through.

Has been fighting in the Internal realms the whole time like the Doom guy.