Double Duty and Opportunity Interaction Rules Question

How do Double Duty and Opportunity interact with each other? If I have a Statue of Liberty secured, can I use an action from a model with Double Duty (say, Ultra Cyber Khan’s tow action) twice? Alternatively, the last clause of Opportunity seems like it could imply that a model with Double Duty might only be able to perform a single action on its turn.

If you are securing one or more buildings with Opportunity, you can use each Action an additional time during each of your turns. However, each of your models can still perform only one Action each activation.

Double Duty
This model can perform two different Actions during an activation.


It looks like the two abilities limit each other instead of synergize.

The short answer is: this needs an official clarification.

There are arguments to be made both ways.


This is a great question. The last sentence of Opportunity is reminder text for how actions ordinarily work and not an additional restriction the rule imposes on models.

Double Duty explicitly grants the ability to preform two different actions during you activation.

Securing the Statue of Liberty does not turn off Double Duty.

Having Double Duty and Opportunity does not allow you to use the same action twice with the same model.

I hope this answers your questions!

Kaiju Dev
Emanuel Class