Declare an charge while B2B & being pulled (pushed) while being B2B

I have a question to charge attacks and being Pulled (pushed) while being B2B.

In this picture i have 3 Shock trooper pikemen B2B an one ghast Warjack with the weapon “Force lash” which has the “drag” rule. Question now is, can the pikemen #1 declare a charge attack against the ghast and move to it and attack? Because the chargerules say:" the charging model stops if it contacts a model, an obstacle, or an obstruction or if it is pushed,slammed,thrown or placed during its charge movement. The thing is, at the moment the charge movement starts, he contacts shock trooper #2 and #3 because they are B2B and therefore fulfill the wording in the rules that stop his movement.

“Drag” is simular. Drag - If this model hits an enemy model with an equal or smaller base with a basic attack with this weapon, immediately after the attack is resolved the hit model can be pushed directly toward this model until it contacts a model, an obstacle, or an obstruction. So, if the ghast Warjack hit Pikemen #1 and tries to pull him, he stops immediately because at the moment he is being pulled he contacts two models?
I always played it like i could charge and be pulled because no one is in the way between this two models, but technicaly if i read the rules correct, it should not be possible.
I hope someone can help me with this.

First sentence of the second paragraph saves you here. The only way they would contact each other is if they were to move towards each other, you cam leave freely.


Take a look at that rule text Septic posted. in both scenarios #1 is move away from its companions.
Sometimes you’ve gotta use common sense to interpret rules like this. No, Shield Wall doesn’t stop units from charging.

Thank you guys for your answers :slightly_smiling_face:.