Oriax Gate of Worlds

I was wondering, Oriax’s Gate of Worlds ability seems to specify that the ability can be used “once per turn…”.

However, it also adds that “A model can be placed as a result of Gate of Worlds only once per turn”.

These two sentences seems to be a bitcontradictory, why would you specify the latter if the ability can be used only once?

So the question is, do you think the intent is to 1) use the ability once per turn or 2) use the ability only once per model, but potentially multiple times per turn on different models?

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Infernal Gate has this ability. This means that if there are two Infernal Gates both cannot be used to place the same model.

Similar wording is in Crane ability which multiple models have.


It’s just future proofing. If they end up giving that ability to another model in the next Orgoth Army or put it on models in other Armies they don’t have to worry about it stacking because it already says it can’t.

More specifically, because I think this phrasing will help provide clarity:

  • Oriax can use the ability once per turn. (This is only something that affects Oriax.)

  • Any given model can be placed by the ability only once per turn. (This is something that affects a particular model that the ability is used on.)

The combination means that Oriax can’t do this 20 times in a turn, and any given model (should the rule somehow end up on other models in the army) can’t be affected by the rule 20 times in a turn (which would lead to some insane threat ranges).

Does that help?

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Got it, thanks for all the answers.