Does Krueger can use combat action after using Path of Flames?

Krueger is engaged by enemy model/models. Hi start his activation and use Path of Flames. After that he isn’t engaded with models that was engage on the start his activation. Krueger does not have unstoppable. Must he forfeit his combat action?

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The rule you’re referencing is Disengaging. Here’s what it says:


Path of Flames requires Krueger to forfeit his Normal Movement. That is one of the valid, mutually-exclusive choices for Normal Movement, as shown here:

If he forfeits his Normal Movement, he obviously did not (and could not!) use his Normal Movement to advance out of enemy model’s melee ranges.

So, Krueger can begin engaged, forfeit his Normal Movement to use Path of Flames, be placed as a result of Path of Flames, and is not required to forfeit his Combat Action due to lack of Unstoppable, because he did not use his Normal Movement to advance out of melee.


That’s what I thought, because he sacrifices his normal movement to make a path of flames. Thank you for the confirmation.