Krueger, path of flames and Vaelyss, The Hand of Mourning

Krueger used path of flames and destroyed living Vaelyss. Does Vaelyss can use Spirit Vessel? Does path of flames counts as enemey attack?

I’m thinking it isn’t an attack, because you aren’t making an attack roll. Krueger 3 just pops in, and models suffer the fire damage. If it kills vaelyss, it isn’t because she was killed by an attack.

But this is not as clearly defined as in the case of collateral damage

Ya, but I think that clarification in collateral and things like electroleap exist because the thing that starts the damage roll IS an attack. Collateral usually comes about because someone initiated an attack. So the clarification gives us extra information to understand that the secondary damage isn’t part of the attack that caused something to be slammed, or to cause electroleaps, etc.

The teleport doesn’t need that clarification, because placing a model isn’t usually an attack. If the ability called for an attack roll, then sure.

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Collateral Damage is a specific game term that generally only applies to models unfortunate enough to have someone thrown or slammed into them. :slightly_smiling_face: Damage is only collateral damage if it specifically says so.

Path of Flames causes a damage roll, but it is definitely not an attack. (The reason being: because it does not say it is an attack. :slightly_smiling_face:) Spirit Vessel triggers when Living Vaelyss is destroyed by an enemy attack. If Living Vaelyss is destroyed in some other manner — such as by a continuous effect, or whatever — Spirit Vessel will not trigger.

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So, in general, if there is no attack roll, it is not considered an enemy attack?

That’s often a solid guideline, but there are plenty of attacks that automatically hit and thus skip the attack roll portion. :slight_smile:

As a rule of thumb, I would suggest “If it says to ‘attack’ somewhere, then it’s an attack” is a good guideline, with the corollary “if it’s tied to a weapon, odds are it’s an attack, unless it doesn’t say ‘attack’ somewhere.”

But when in doubt, ask. :slight_smile:

Path of Flames is never an attack, so it will not trigger effects requiring an attack to trigger.