Flying Models and Engagement

Do models without flight engage models with flight if the flying model enters the non-flying models melee range? I can’t find anything in the Mk IV rules specifically addressing this. This became an issue in one our games. A player with flying models claimed the flying model is “flying above the other models on the ground and can’t be engaged”. If I remember correctly from MK III, flying models could be engaged by non-flying models and flying models could take free strikes from non-flying models if they did not have parry. It would seem this would have carried over to MK IV? Am I wrong? Does anyone have an answer and reference for their answer?

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The rules for flight let’s you move through models, but you still have to forfeit your action without the advantage “unstoppable”.

For reference the section for “incorporeal “ includes a sentence that an incorporeal model don’t have to forfeit its action while moving through a model.

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it only matters when you declare your action. if you are engaged you can use your movement to charge. but moving through an engagement range after the declaration
doesn’t seem to have any effect as free strikes no longer exist.

Apologies, but this is not correct. I don’t know if that was a typo and you intended to say “cannot use your movement to charge”, but models cannot charge while engaged, period. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses. I think PP needs to add a little more info to the Flight section of the rules that clarifies when/if a model with flight is engaged or not. Also, how flight works with unstoppable.

There is nothing special about flight with regards to engagement or unstoppable. I dont really think we need a section of the rulebook detailing rules that dont interract with each other.


yeah you are right … and I meant to say Can’t there as I had just looked at the section you posted… and was typing too fast apparently

So very simply you engage models with flight the same as every other model. Flight as an advantage just ignores terrain and other models when its advancing. Which is important for charging specifically because a model with flight can charge over other models and make a normal combat as long as it didnt start its movement engaged.


The Flight rule does exactly what it says ot does, not what players might imagine it does. If it does not include wording that says it works differently in regards to engagement, it works the same as any other model.


If it moves through an enemy model and leaves that models melee range it can’t make attacks because it has to forfeit its combat action when disengaging (except it has unstoppable too).
Just like every other model that crosses the melee range of an enemy model.

Incorrect. If you start your movement engaged and advance out of engagment you lose your combat action. If you start your normal movement and are not engaged you can move through melee. The rule only checks at the beginning of your normal movement.

So most models can just trundle around other models. Models with flight, and ghostly can go through other models and not lose combat action so long as they arent engaged at the start of their movement.

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Wow, I totally missed that MK4 change.
Thanks for the correction!

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Always happy to help

Another change I had missed is that in Mk4, Ghostly lets you move through models.

A player with flying models claimed the flying model is “flying above the other models on the ground and can’t be engaged”? You should ask him which part of the rules made him think that. He claims this, the burden of proof is on him to prove it.


It’s just headcanon getting mixed up with actual rules. Some players aren’t familiar with how precise Warmachine rules are.

The rules have been answered in this. Locking thusly.