Defenses - within 24" or completely within 24"?

Another question on topic we were arguing in our community today. How Defenses should be placed - within 24" or completely within 24" of your table side? I always read that like ‘completely within’, like ‘on your side of the table’. But someone can say there is no word ‘completely’ there, and the defensive object can be placed farther, only touching the middle line.

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It says within, so it can cross the line.


Any official comments?

Typically staff/infernals dont respond if the correct reaponse has been postes by aomeone else.

In this case it says “within” not “completely within” so as long as a corner is on your side youre good.


Yeah this case seems to be crystal clear without any kind of room for other interpretations. Just like you need to be completely within and not just within a forest to get concealment. Both game terms are clearly written out in the rulebook.

That said none of the above rules out that the developers could change their mind at some point. But so far you need to place defenses within 24" of your own table edge.

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It’s within, not completely within.