Any limitations on Kontroller moving defense's?


Kontroller can target a defence and place it within 2" of him. Are there any restrictions on where a defense can be placed?

The defenses card says “a player can only place Defenses within 24” of the rear edge of their deployment zone. Additionally, Defenses cannot be placed within 3" of an objective, obstruction, obstacle or another defense terrain feature". I assume this only applies during initial deployment, not Kontroller moves?

Can defense’s be placed overlapping with objectives, obstacles, obstructions, or other defenses?

Can they be placed onto models?

If a powder keg is placed contacting a huge or extra large model, does it explode?

My mind is brimming with possibilities

However I’m pretty sure the Kontroller has to take a pow 10 to get close enough to move a spike trap. Oh well :slight_smile:


All interesting questions I hadn’t considered! Probably in a bit of a rules limbo right now. Side note, I didn’t notice the change to the hauler rule. Defenses can be moved much farther than I originally thought! I think the defense used to only move wholly within 2" of itself (maybe that was a leaked photo)

Keeping it super quick.

I would agree that, as written, the “cannot be placed within 3 inches” bit is definitive.

But at the same time, I’m going to venture an opinion and say that, within the context of that rule, the intent very much seems to be that the “can’t be placed” is only applicable during the initial placement.

My rationale is that defenses existed a year before the Kontroller did, and it’s probably an oversight. :slight_smile: But I could be wrong!


Oh my yes: a wall could swing around something like 9" across from one side of Kontroller to the other (between wall width, base size, 1" range of hauler, 2" place)

In practice he’s probably moving spikes or fires more though, which are smaller and more square


As another example of “Only during deployment” rules we can see that one is allowed to place Colossals and Gargantuan models then.

I’ll check into it. I’m pretty sure I’m intent for most and wasn’t to double check on something


So still checking on if the place is only during deployment or always. But answers for the following:

  1. Can defense’s be placed overlapping with objectives, obstacles, obstructions, or other defenses?


  1. Can they be placed onto models?

No to all except spike trap

  1. If a powder keg is placed contacting a huge or extra large model, does it explode?


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Will the spike trap cause damage to enemy models if placed on/near them?

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A Spike Pit does damage if you enter or end your activation within 1" of this terrain feature.
So, it isn’t ending it’s activation, so that is an easy one.
So, for entering, the rule book says

"A model enters an area when it moves from not being within the area to being within the area, when it is put into play in the area, or when it is placed in the area. "

As the enemy model is not moving, it would technically not enter the area.

Move in regards to an area refers to anything causing it to go from not into the area to in the area

So in a spike trap is moved in that regards it would trigger


@elswickchuck So does that mean a effect like the despoiler animi from belphagor, or the hazard created by breath of corruption would do an auto point when its placed? If so this lets omo, and asphixious put multiple down top of 1.The wording is very similar and logically if thats the case they should right?

That’s different than what the rulebook says though. A model entering an area requires the model to move or be placed, not the area or effect.

I believe the difference in your example is that the cloud effect from breath of corruption isnt already in play and the spike trap is.

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So an area of effect is placed on top of a model, the check is to see if that area existed prior to placing?

That may be ths difference but if thats the step it 1) isnt said anywhere 2) is silly

Placing a model (or terrain piece in this case) that is in the play area already is different from placing a model into play initially.

First, consider why you are allowed to deploy colossals despite them being unable to be placed.

Second, Chuck is currently checking on whether the initial deployment rules still apply after the defenses have entered play, implying there is a difference.

Third, look at the rules for entering:

Being put into play is separate from both moving on the table and being placed.

An infernal has already confirmed that moving a spike trap counts as moving from outside to inside the area. So the logic would not necessarily extend to placing the area into play.

Also the lack of abilities in the past to move things like hazards or similar things has been low. So yes this is quite unique

As Wolfe mentioned earlier, Belphagor’s Despoiler animus puts a scather cloud into play and keeps it centered on the spellcaster.

Could Belphagor or Bethayne cast Despoiler, run around so that enemy models enter it, and force them to suffer 1 damage?


For now this ruling applies to just the spike trap as wording is being looked at for intent in this interaction.

So putting an AOE hazard such as the animus mnetioned will not cause models to having entered

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