Death clock, rack and defenses

In a steamroller event, would racking spells be done on death clock? Will defenses be placed on death clock?

I know i can do what ever i want in my own events, but i just want to know the developers intent. These steps take some time to preform. Doing them off clock means each round will become longer. Doing them on clock means its even harder to finish 7 turns without clocking.


Defenses are terrain, and terrain is very unambiguously placed before the game, or even before anybody deploys any models. :slight_smile: The “Defenses” rule on Defenses explains this.

The only timing I can find regarding racking is this:

It seems eminently sensible to answer your timing question here as “this happens while people are shuffling around between tables and deploying their models and whatever.”

There’s a pretty limited selection of rack spells in any given army, and honestly, I’d be surprised if the choices would change all that much. I think you’re going to decide on your picks essentially immediately once you see the other person’s lists.

This does not strike me as something that is going to meaningfully impact the event length at all.

(I admit that I did not exhaustively recheck the Steamroller document, only because I have no text search functionality in the app. It’s possible that Steamroller touches on this in an oblique way somewhere or in a nook or cranny I didn’t check.)

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The clock starts with normal Deployment, and both the rack and defenses occur before that.


Also worth noting, core rules say you rack before you roll off.


Thank you for finding that! I was sure that reference existed, but I couldn’t find it when I checked!


In the Steamroller document - it says you have to put your Rack Spells on your Force list and can’t change them. Does this over ride the rule book?

Bulldog has previously clarified that you choose spells per game they are not locked in for the full event Defenses & tournament play - are they locked in the list? - #5 by Prossan