Payload ‘made to haul’ rules question

In the Payload scenario, the Made to Haul rule says you can ‘move’ a model. Just wanted to check, is this supposed to be an advance, so affected by things like difficult terrain? Or is the move more akin to the way objectives are moved?

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As far as I know, we don’t have clarification yet. Loren made a post here recently saying that an updated version of the Steamroller document was likely coming sometime soon, probably along with an Insider FAQ-like post that would answer some questions.

(There was a huge flurry of posts right after Steamroller dropped and I can’t seem to figure out the search function well enough to locate that specific post at this time.)

Edited to add: and, of course, I remember how to use the search function 4.3 minutes later:


I’d also like to know if you can move Colossals which cannot advance outside normal movement.

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Its meant to be advance. Made to haul was not intended to work with Colossals or Gargs


Excellent, thanks for the clarification!