Can Wind Burst remove Dense Fog?

As written in the title, can Edrea‘s Wind Burst remove the standard terrain feature Dense Fog?

Wind Burst states that all cloud effects in CTRL expire.

Dense Fog states that it is represented by clusters of cloud effects, although most Event Organizer do not seem to use the 3” template clusters, but instead use mousepad terrain of various sizes.

The word “represented” could mean either that it is or is not counted as a cloud effect, thus the question.

For reference, in Mk3 cloud-like terrain features were removable by spells such as Wind Blast, as shown below.

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The cloud effects are still cloud effects, no matter what they “represent”. It’s the definition of “dense fog” that is unexact, not the definition of a cloud effect.

So yes, Wind Burst should delete Dense fog cloud effects that are in the spellcaster’s control range (not necessarily the whole Dense fog cluster, only those cloud effects in the cluster that are in the spellcaster’s CTRL).

If everybody used the actual cloud effect templates to represent Dense Fog, I would agree with you and not ask here, but as most people use something different and do not represent it with “clusters of cloud effects”, I am still wondering if Dense Fog would be affected.

No one gets to circumvent the rules of the game just because the physical representation of a piece of terrain doesn’t match the general description. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can “represent” a forest with a jar of applesauce. If the players have agreed that the piece of terrain is a forest, then the piece of terrain is still a forest, as far as the game is concerned.

Dense Fog is Dense Fog, no matter what physical representation players use. Period, full stop. :slight_smile:

To use your words here:

Out of this, we cannot say that the Dense Fog is a cloud effect, just that it can be represented by cloud effect templates. :wink:

…and the definition of “Dense Fog” is “cluster of cloud effects.” :slightly_smiling_face:

If two players agree that a piece of terrain is Dense Fog, then it is Dense Fog, which makes it a cloud effect — regardless of whether or not there’s a 3” AOE template on the table, or a mousepad, or a takeout menu, or what. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why don’t we wait for an Infernal or Dev reply before we continue down the rabbit hole of “what does the word ‘represented’ mean?” lol

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Sounds as though this is more so a tules question for the event organizers based on what terrain they have available

If its actually 3 3" clouds then the ones caught in the effect will be removed

If it is being represented my only one template then if any part of that one is in the effect then it is removed

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But either way Dense Fog would be affected by Wind Burst, whatever may be used to represent it in the table, right?

What I mean is, Dense Fog does (per rules and / or infernal ruling) indeed count as a cloud effect, thus there is no scenario in which Dense Fog should not be affected by Wind Burst, correct?

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