Denses fog terrain counts as

I saw about wind Brust and dense fog:

so I understand that if:

I have one pieces of dense fog terrain I counts as one big cloud( left eg)
but if is representation is with cluster of clouds I need to counts them as different clouds for eg LOS
yes? ( right eg)

I’m not exactly certain what you’re asking, but I think it’s basically this:

  1. If I have a piece of Dense Cloud terrain, and the physical piece of terrain is just one big piece, is it just one, single, big cloud effect?

  2. If I have some Dense Fog terrain that’s made up of multiple 3" cloud effects, are they separate cloud effects?

And the answer to both is: yes, assuming you defined them that way. :slight_smile:

This is pretty much the blanket answer to many terrain questions:

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so like I was thinking depends on table representation, thanks

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