Breath of corruption intent

Make this one short and sweet. According to the timing chart you resolve effects from targeting a model before you check range or determine hit/miss. With this being the case the spell Breath of corruption lets you place a scather on any enemy model in los. Is this the intent?

“Effects that occur when a model is targeted by a spell” does not include the spell itself, but abilities like Arcane Vortex or similar effects that trigger "when [thing] is targeted by a spell.

Otherwise, any spell with text that "target model suffers [effect]’ would work regardless of range.

Where is that in the rules? Because again from the above examples that is not what is said.

You may have to read between a few lines and make a generous assumption or two.

You asked about the intent of BoC. Do you think it’s the intent that offensive spells specifying “target model(/unit)” apply the stated effect regardless of range to the target?

Note that there is, in fact, a clause specifying that non-offensive spells only take effect if the targeted model is in range.

I think Rules as written that us what is said and that doesnt seem to match the (assumed) intent. Which is why im asking about intent.

Take parasite for example “Target enemy model/unit suffers -3 arm”, not “target enemy model/unit hit suffers -3 arm”

Nothing seems to require a spell to hit except to apply damage, and if you dont care about the damage then targeting is all thats required.

Here’s another one for you! The question is: Breath of Corruption supposed to say “center the AOE on the target model hit/directly hit”, or does the AOE get placed regardless? Is the intent that you get to place the AOE no matter what?

Should say “on a hit, center a cloud effect on the model targeted”


Thank you very much sir

Please see the Spellcasting Sequence in Appendix 1: Timing and the general “Spells, Spellcasting, & Animi” section.

I don’t see any sensible way to support that interpretation. :slightly_smiling_face: None of the spellcasting rules say that offensive spells take effect without an attack roll. The rules only provide one situation in which spells automatically confer their effects, and those are for non-offensive spells.

Arcane attacks require range to be checked prior to targeting. This is different from ranged attacks.

Check the timing chart. :slightly_smiling_face: They target first and then check RNG.

This says you can’t target them if they are out of range, period.

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