Dust Devil + Windstorm

Dust Devil terrain reads: When a model within the perimeter of a dust devil makes a ranged attack or is targeted by a ranged attack the attack suffers -3 RNG to a minimum of 8"

How does this interact with the Windstorm spell orgoth? Which order are they applied?

Does DD kick in first, if a range 10 model walks into dustdevil, reduce to a minimum of 8, and then windstorm reduces it to a possible 5?

Does WS kick in first, reduce range 10 to 7, and then DD kicks in and reduces it by 0 but the minimum bumps it back to 8"?

My intuition says the first one, but I don’t know where the rule that backs that up is.

Can a range 8 model walk into a dust devil and gain range against a windstorm target? Windstorm reducing them from 8 to 5, but Dust Devil’s minimum range kicks in and bumps it back to 8?

I feel like I’ve seen this answered on here before, but I cannot find it in search.

None of the guidelines in the book seem to address this. The most relevant item I can find is the following:

But that doesn’t help much in this case. :slight_smile:

We’ll have to wait for either @DarkLegacy or @elswickchuck (or maybe even @PPS_Erik ) to provide their input. :slight_smile: (Please pardon me for tagging you if that is frowned upon.)

The best we can go off of is rule priority i think. So since both effects resolve at the same time the active player would choose. So presumably they would choose to apply windstorm first.

In the case of a range10 gun windstorm would reduce to 7, and dust devil would not be able to reduce further.

Under no scenario would dust devil raise thr range back to 8" as suggested in the first post because dust devil does not allow you to do that.

Some quotes for reference.

I am actually somewhat on the fence as to whether or not Dust Devil and Wind Storm are triggered abilities; it’s possible I am overthinking it at this specific moment. (The key issue there is: okay, if those are triggers, what isn’t? But again, overthinking mode appears to have engaged.)

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t mind hearing from a dev or Infernal on this topic.

In the past it was ruled the minimum it can go down to, due to the interaction of these presented abilities, will be 8



Thank you very much!

Previously there was a core rule stating that. For future interactions and questions, can we get some insight into the rules interaction that gives us the 8"?

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