Breath of Corruption wording

So breath of Corruption has some funky wording in how the 3” cloud effect is placed.

Note how it says ”on the model targeted”? This means you don’t have to hit, or even be in range to put out these cloud effects. Now the spell obviously doesn’t do damage if the target is out of range, but it will put down the cloud, so you could actually cast this spell targeting enemy models top of 1 and put auto damage clouds on them, could be quite disruptive for an opponent that has some AD troops.


This does not seem intentional, but I’d like to clarify intent and petition for the wording to change if that is indeed unintentional.

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This was answered here:


I’m pretty sure there’s a clause somewhere about spells not being able to be cast on target models that are out of range? I don’t have time to look it up now, but I’m pretty sure I saw it a few weeks ago while I was trying to figure out Karchev1’s new version of Eruption - which is a much worse spell by the way because it doesn’t cause damage when a model enters it, it causes the Fire effect, which might cause damage in their next turn - so up to three turns after the spell was cast!

That’s incorrect. Just like ranged attacks, offensive spells can target a model out of range. The attack will however automatically miss and not deal any blast damage. The trigger for the cloud effect (as it stands in the app) that the model was targeted.

Chucks clarification makes the point moot however. :slight_smile:

I must have missed that, thank you!

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Hopefully they get that updated soon then.

Ok, so in my app rulebook it’s literally the first line under Arcane Attacks:

“Can target any model in the spell’s range”.

I can’t think of a situation where a model can be moved after being targetted but before the hit roll?

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This says something different though, but that is off topic and not really applicable to this situation anymore after Chucks clarification.

Making an attack and targeting is not the same thing.


OK, so I guess that offensive spells don’t count as arcane attacks, only magic ability attacks are arcane attacks? Not sure why the distinction.

I assume Eruption will be modified to say “on a hit” as well?

No, they are both Arcane Attacks. However, the section you quoted is about making an attack, which do require that the target is in range. Otherwise you cannot make the attack roll. Targeting does not require the target be in range, however you cannot make an attack against a target that is out of range. Attacking is a step later in the timing, if that makes sense :slight_smile:

I dunno, the rules specifically call out magic ability attacks as arcane attacks, which can’t be made if the model is out of range. (They are still spells though).

But they don’t (in this part of the rulebook at least) seem to actually say that spells cast with focus are Arcane Attacks, and instead that section says that an offensive spell that targets models out of range “misses automatically”, rather than saying the spell doesn’t take effect or you can’t cast it (which to my mind would mean you can’t spend the focus).

So yeah, at best it’s not clear, at worst it’s contradictory. However if, as you say, spells cast wifh focus are arcane attacks, then they are subject to the “can’t make them if you’re out of range” clause, meaning my original point was correct.

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All offensive spells and animi are arcane attacks:

(Rulebook, under Spell & Animus Statistics)

Thank you. So we simply have two different targeting rules that affect spells.

@elswickchuck Hello, sorry to tag you, but according to our exhaustive investigation there are two contradictory sets of targeting rules for arcane attacks (as seen in the screenshots in this thread):

  1. One says the target has to be in line of sight, and if it’s out of range the attack misses (meaning that the spell is still cast, costing focus etc).

  2. One says the target has to be in line of sight and also in range. I take this to mean that you cannot cast the spell if the target is out of range, so no spending focus etc.

At least that’s my read, maybe I’m missing something. Can we get confirmation on which of these is correct and perhaps get the rulebook updated if they are indeed contradictory?

As I said above, the part of the rules you were referencing is about making an Arcane Attack and is not about targeting at all. In order to attack, your target does need to be in range.

The rules snippet I referenced is specifically about spell targeting, which does not require the target to be in range.

2 different things, nothing contradictory.

That still doesn’t make sense to me gramatically as “making the attack but missing automatically” is different from “not making the attack”. At the very least it’s confusing and could be re-written for a bit more clarity; for months I thought you couldn’t declare the attack at all. Or maybe I’m just a moron and the fact that it’s not clear to me is entirely my fault and everyone else understood it correctly.

Also there is the issue that right now Eruption can put clouds onto your opponents ddployment zone in the first turn of the game. Which I’m OK with btw, but still worth bringing up.

No worries on tagging me ever

I believe it has to be option 1 to fall in line with how other like rules


The Spell Casting Sequence offers some additional insight as well.

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