Can’t make ranged attacks after a power attack

Dual attack prevents making ranged attacks after a power attack.

Is there a default duration of this effect? During the activation or turn is what I assume.

If it is during the activation, Are the attacks made under Borisyuk’s feat during its activation? So a slam kills something, the the feat lets another jack kill sonething, Does the original activating model get to make a shot because it’s activation is suspended for the feat or does it not, Because the shot is in its activation.

In other situtations - the model could boost damage under Boris feat, if it is during its activations.

I remember the mk3 rules forum had a bunch of stuff on counter charge during your own activation.

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I don’t know when Dual Attack changed to include the “No ranged attacks after a power attack” bit; that is new to me.

The duration is not specified, but it is obviously intended to be during the same activation. That is the only sensible interpretation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Borisyuk’s feat can only be triggered during a model’s activation, and it does not modify anything regarding activations. Therefore, the triggering model is still during its activation when the rule resolves, and the Dual Attack prohibition of “cannot” overrides the “can” of the feat, due to Rule Priority.


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It was quite early, during the late beta test I think? The intention is to prevent warjacks trampling and then shooting.