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A lot of people (including myself) still play the 2d6/2e version of IKRPG. Though obviously with none of those products officially on sale anymore the focus should be on Requiem, I do think it would be worth having a topic or a tag (or both?) for discussing the 2d6 game. I think that if there isn’t a space for it here there’s a very real risk of creating conversations on other platforms along the lines of “PP hates/is embarrased by/doesn’t care about 2d6, why should I trust them” etc etc. It just seems better to provide a place for people to discuss it on your official hub rather than drive people who want to talk about it away to potentially-more-toxic platforms.

ps. If there is to be a tag or whatever for it here it would also be good to settle on an official name; I’ve seen “2e” and “2d6” both used, though subjectively I’ve seen 2d6 more often.


I think a IK2d6 is fine for a tag to give it a shot.


On RPGnet we usually refer to it by the year. So there’s IKRPG 3.x, IKRPG 2012, and IKRPGR 5e.

I should also note that PP still has the old 2012 stuff on DriveThruRPG, plus is selling the digital No Quarters again which has a nice amount of content for that version of the game. I’d argue that they’re still amazing sources for background! Likewise, the new 5e stuff has a lot that players of 2012 might enjoy.

I don’t know if the ROI of converting 5e material to 2012 is there or not, nor how much would actually need to be budgeted for development, testing, editing, layout, etc. I certainly wouldn’t want it to be a drag on Kickstarter projects. It’d be nice to see 2012 conversions as stretch goals or as part of my Warmachine app subscription, but I recognize there’s only so much time, human bandwidth, and money.

Would community lead conversions be okay?


I wasn’t aware of it being discussed on RPGnet - I’ll check it out! I don’t know their plans for this platform, but there is a very active unofficial IK Requiem Discord. Several PP folks (plus freelancers like me!) are quite active there, and there is a lot of home brew conversions of past content. Here’s a link:

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I think any chatter on IKRPG has moved to 5e/IKRPG:R. I was one of the bigger proponents, still love the system, tried to help folks with their issues. There’s a great many other games getting discussed there, and the general tastes there didn’t care for 2012 that much for a variety of reasons. 3.x was looked at quite fondly though.

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I remember the general scuttlebutt around 2d6/2012 in the wider RPG community being that it was too combat-focused and didn’t do enough to give non-combat descriptions of spells and abilities, which is fair enough.

I introduced my D&D group of players who had mostly only played 5e to it a year or so ago and they loved it though, so I’ll be running it off and on for the foreseeable future. Glad Requiem seems to be bringing in new players or bringing players back though.

2012/2d6 is still discussed on the Discord. Also user Morgan Coalburn - a prolific and still active content writer - is still making new 2d6 content and posting it there. I had good times with the system, but my non-wargamer rpg group didn’t entirely seem invested.

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Might be worth suggesting to Morgan Coalburn that they start porting anything from the old forums over to here, would be nice to make them available for new players!


I recommend popping into the Discord and mentioning that! If I had that much content, though, I’d let this platform have at least a couple weeks in case there are kinks and it all gets rebooted. I’ve worked in tech enough to be hesitant about new platform’s. And I’ve played enough RPGs to know better than to walk encumbered down a dark and unknown passage.

Yeah. Which was a feature for me. Kind of like other crunchy, detailed systems the lack of detail in areas is a bit sharp contrast. That said, as a GM and player who hates the “I ruined the game with magic” I didn’t mind one bit. But I’m not a power gamer. If you know HERO you know how powerful a variable power pool can be. I’ve had two GMs let me have that and other similar things because I don’t power game.

Anyhow, IKRPG 2012 was and is a very good system for a first release. A 2nd edition of it would be awesome.


For me, the ideal outcome for 2d6 would be, either PP open it (the mechanics), so the community can stablish a core book without any PP copyright/IP on it (a generic metal fantasy rules system), or the community does the same thing without PP’s blessing and rewording and writing everything from scratch (as mechanics aren’t copyrightable)

Such a game system would benefit from all the PP stuff that is published, and be opened to multiple settings as community wishes, without them needing to develop anything. And we could add non-combat systems :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think there’s a good skeleton there already. I’d move things to be more like Mk3 or Mk4 in some regards for combat. Maybe a good explanation or guide of the math would be nice.

I’ve found some non-combat systems to be a bit contrived in other games so I don’t know what I’d want to see. But that’s as much personal taste as anything.

The flatness of the system and power is a feature for me, but it does present problems with characters that should be more epic. They pointed that out with Harbinger, the Defiers, etc., and that a war dog shouldn’t be able to lay one out even if it can happen in the wargame. Doesn’t matter if you painted it to look like Spuds McKenzie.

I would love to see 2d6 character and gear options as strech goals for future kickstarters. Also if anyone else is home brewing 2d6 stuff we should have a central place for it, I’d post some of my work there too


I think that the next time there’s a Kickstarter it would be highly beneficial for folks to mention that. I honestly don’t know how much money it would take to do all that well but I definitely wouldn’t assume it’d be an early one. We’d be a niche compared to the overall market.


Seems what I posted here on this site has been flagged as inappropriate right away. Since that’s quite the welcome wagon, this will be my last post on this site. Good-bye and good luck.

Well darn. Yeah it seems like there are some kinks to work out here.

I think you probably got hit with the automated spam protection, it’s built in to the Discourse software. New accounts are really restricted in what they can do for the first few days to combat bots. I would definitely encourage you not to write of the site and try again in a couple days once the temporary restrictions on your account start to loosen.

I think reading and interacting with posts speeds it up too.

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That’s very OFFTOPIC, but maybe there should an alert somewhere (and if there is one, I also skipped it) explaining the weird stuff that may happen while the accounts are new, as people may come here a little bit salty.

Not sure where to ask for this.

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Everyone should have gotten a welcome message when they joined that has a link to the explanation, and the chat bot can explain stuff too. But I imagine a lot of people just don’t read that.

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New accounts have restrictions to fight spam and bots. Especially when linking the same hyper link over multiple threads.

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