Anyone tried porting Requiem to Pathfinder 2e?

Long story short: my friend runs a Pathfinder game. Well, two. Anyhow, I think he’d like the Iron Kingdoms setting but him and that group really don’t like Wizards or Hasbro. Especially after the whole OGL debacle this year. As such? I’d still like to get him the game but I have ZERO idea how well it’d convert over.

It seems like PF2e is like D&D 4e (very mechanically robust, very detailed mechanics, I’m told it’s very well balanced, numbers can get pretty high) which is a very different of assumptions/decisions that lead to D&D 5e (less of a power curve, feats optional, etc). So there’s room to grow which I think is easier than trying to compact it down, you know?

I thought Pathfinder was based of 3rd ed D&D?
shouldn’t be too hard to convert creatures, but classes will be pretty difficult, Pathfinder is higher power level than D&D so the class abilities will need tweaking.
It is probably easier to just use the setting and monsters then use options from existing classes to make more IK themed characters.

PF1e was. PF2e, as I’ve been told, has followed the 4e route (crunchy, well defined) rather than 5e (simplified, rulings more than rules).

Cant help you with the conversion to PF2, but not to lose a chance if he hates WOTC well and if he is inclined to give a oficialy discontinued system a chance , there i the Full metal fantasy and Unleashed, and i cangarantee they bring the best adaptation of the IK.
And there is little but i’m finishing my first gearbook for that system,that gearbook covers cryx and Crucible guard with some assorted stuff,and always have morgan’s coalburn excelent gearbooks.
If you choose this rout i can share withyou te extra material PP sharedfor free that would be nightmarish to find

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I love and adore FMF/Unleashed but I think that’s less portable plus would have a harder sales pitch from the players. Unless I did it for lore.

Also, egad, the conversations of the various versions of IKRPG can get hairy at my usual forum. Not worth getting into, but it definitely shows everyone wants different things.

I had an easy time converting my players and that was well before wizards scandals

Better avoid the stress

For what it’s worth I will add my own anecdote that when I introduced my exclusively-D&D group to IKRPG 2e they loved it.

As far as Pathfinder I’m afraid I can’t help as I’ve never had the chance to play it.

Hrm. Okay, maybe it’s worth a shot but at the same time I think porting over would be a good project (sadly I’ve not the system mastery to do so). I’ve seen a lot of people actually hate the d6 version, especially for magic (which they felt was a huge step back from the old d20 IKRPG, I personally don’t agree, but personal taste matters more than anything for games).

There are people who like vancian/vancian like magic? That system single handledly put me off from playing casters, and D&D and detrivates do everything magic is objectively bad game design, but as you stated personal taste matters a lot

I remember some folks weren’t big fans of how the spells lack non-mechanical descriptions. Stuff like what they look like or what is actually happening in-universe (example: “what is the weight capacity of Telekinesis? It’s a place effect, does that mean it’s teleporting the object or physically lifting and moving it?”.

Other than that the only complaints I’ve heard were just from folks who wanted it to be a high magic setting instead of a low or medium magic setting.

More the lack of non-combat stuff, descriptions of non-combat uses, etc.

Understandable, but diferently than certain systems, non combatstuff is less important to be codified, but thats my opinion

It’s the HERO problem. When everything that has rules is so incredibly detailed, the parts that aren’t detailed stand out considerably. That was a strength of the system for my group, but we’re large, HERO players, and benefit from how IKRPG d6 handled things overall.

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I have the intention of running IKRPG, but not with Pathfinder-Pathfinder, but Savage Worlds Pathfinder.

I think the base Savage Worlds Pathfinder covers a lot of what I’d need, and while there is no a direct “this is a Warcaster, this is a Warjack” conversion, the idea is to run things close enough and translate the effect, more than exact mechanical details.

Not sure if that would be easier to sell :wink:

Using the Requiem stuff for PF2e is incredibly easy and mostly a matter of re-creating the monsters. Almost everything else has an easy analogue in standard PF2e rules.

All the storm knight stuff? Shock rune on weapon / electric resistance on armour, paint blue.

Wanna play a Warcaster? Sure decide on your flavour and then pick Inventor (more personal power) or Summoner (more magic and focus on your “Warjack”)

PF2e has incredibly solid monster creation rules. Choose a level for the creature, pick appropriate statsistics from the tables (Mechanithrall? High damage, high reflex, moderate fortitude, low accuracy, defence and HP etc). The only thing you’d have to use the Requiem book for reference is to think off the special abilities

I’ll have to get that book before it’s too hard to find. Thank you!

The more I see of PF2e the more I wish I got a chance to play D&D 4e.

So a friend and I have written a conversion for IKRPG into Savage Worlds. Here’s the link:

I like Savage Worlds because it has a simple rules set with enough crunch to keep me interested. It resolves combat relatively quickly and combat scales up in a way that neither D&D or Pathfinder can easily match. It honestly scales up better than 2d6 IKRPG. The rules for SW are cheap, and our conversion is free.

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