Beta Test Thoughts - 2d6 Discussion policy

I don’t know if you’ll see this or if it helps:

I think this is the second forum I’m on that uses Discourse. It’s neat but there’s some things to get used to.

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It’s totally fine to discuss the second edition (2d6) of the IKRPG here. No one loves it more than us. But that’s also the reason we had to discontinue it. We just really didn’t have enough buy in on that edition of the RPG, and the books ended up costing us far more than they earned, so we couldn’t keep producing them. But we LOVE developing the Iron Kingdoms as an RPG. It’s a passion that goes beyond any sort of good business sense, but in order to do it, we have to make sure it still helps take care of everyone who contributes to it. And that’s why it made sense for us to plunge into the 5e community. It allowed us to bring the setting to a gigantic community of players who could help support those efforts for us to continue developing the world. For us, the setting is first. The number and type of dice you roll is second. So being able to continue to explore Caen has been the driving force, and in the current 5e version of the RPG, we’ve been able to deliver more of it than ever. We love the 2d6 system. It’s something we are proud of and feel expresses our own RPG sensibilities the most accurately when it comes to the Iron Kingdoms. But without the traction to keep developing that system, we couldn’t do it. But the good news is, 5e has given us a vehicle to keep expanding on the setting, and we believe that’s better than having it sit dormant. We love creating for this setting and we are forever inspired by anyone who wants to explore it with us.



Good day.

Would you and the Privateer Press team be alright if we shared our 2d6 Homebrew Rules here in the forums?

Thank you.

Unfortunately now that the old forums are dead, and it seems like Mr. Coalburn doesn’t want to participate here, there is now no source to get his excellent homebrew content. I think I remember there having been some PDFs compiled of Morgan’s Liber Mechanika, does anyone have those that they could upload or share?

He has it all posted in the ikrpg discord


I hope he comes around eventually. It’s unfortunate that he ran in to trouble with the automated anti-spam protections on his first visit.

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Yeah. It’s a reasonable response to be honest. I don’t think I’ve been to anywhere that did stuff like that til I hit a Discourse site. Mind you, I like it but it took some getting used to.

Silly question, but: How can I find a link to the IKRPG discord? I have found the Requiem one, but not the one for Full Metal Fantasy.

It’s a sub channel of the requiem tagged FMF (full metal fantasy)

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From a business and accessibility perspective I fully understand why you originally chose the D20 System and why you’re now using the 5E system.

From a gameplay perspective I think the FMF system was the best at simulating your vision of what warjacks and mechanika and warcasters etc. were supposed to be like. So at least for my group, it’s the system that best supports the narrative we want to tell in our games.

Back in the day, I converted the Witchfire Trilogy to FMF and ran it to my group, so I’ll have no problem converting your 5E material to the system our players enjoy the most. It’s the setting, the lore, the world and the people who live in it that we care about, so as long as you keep publishing that stuff, we can throw the numbers around and keep enjoying your setting.

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Can we start a pinned discussion or collection somewhere for people to post thier 5e to FMF conversions? I’d love to build a repository of that somewhere

Of course! That’s one of the very reasons for hub to exist!

Thank you!


Let’s see how this is going to play out one week later, as there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated thread to this topic so far and I have no clear indication if and how such a thread could be set up yet…

I’ve posted to new inventions in the FMF section of the IKRPG Requiem discord, the adrenal surge stabiliser mechanikal armour rune, which basically allows you to gain the benefit of spending two feat points when you spend one (though this applies only during your own activation), and the anti-arcantrik inoculation alchemical formula, which grants temporarily protection from magic damage rolls, at the cost of making even friendly magic more difficult as well as hindering casters who use the compound.

Comments welcome, as usual.


Perhaps a Subcategory? Maybe an FMF subcategory and a homebrew subcategory.

Perfect! Thank you.

I’m looking forward to the next Kickstarter and seeing what the 2d6 players come up with.