IKRPG in a VTT- any further news?


I know that it was mentioned in the Requiem Kickstarter that PP was looking into an option of partnering with a VTT

Any progress in this space?

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I thought the strategy was to release tokens and such so you could use any VTT you wanted, no? Or do you mean, “sell the books on the VTT so all the rule stuff is integrated”?

Sell the books on the VTT so all the rule stuff is integrated was what I was hoping for but after the OGL debacle, I understand not wanting to put time and money into a VTT that may not be viable

I currently use Roll20 to run WFT but having fully integrated IKRPG rules would be awesome but I do realize that it probably is a dream

I have also been eagerly awaiting the release on Foundry or Fantasy Grounds


We are continuing to research the best way to do this as it’s something we would like to do and know would help support the community of IKRPG players. It has proven more complicated and difficult than we ever anticipated. We had hoped to hire on someone that could help convert the materials to one or more VTT platforms, but have not been able to find that person. We have met with multiple entities that offer services for the VTT conversions, but have not found one yet that we are compatible with. So, the desire is real, but we have yet to manage to connect the necessary dots to make it happen. In the meantime, we will continue to provide the digital assets that will help facilitate playing the IKRPG through VTTs, but are still looking for the best holistic solution for providing support for the IKRPG on any specific VTT platform.


Thank you for your time and communication to clarify
where PP is at regarding VTT

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