Request for the next Kickstarter

I would very much like to get a hold of a physical copy of all of the DLCs in one place, whether as part of the next kickstarter, or as an optional add-on purchase. Presenting my players with the books plus a bunch of individual pdfs to trawl through so that they can make their choices is a bit much.


Is it too much to ask for more 2d6 official content amidst the OGL chaos?

Agreed that a book of DLCs would be a great addon!

(It looks like the OGL chaos has more or less sorted itself out now)

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I have also recommended the dlc be put into a physical book. I’d like to see a soft cover companion type book

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I think we could have a separate topic on that (starting one right now!)

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I love 2d6 too, and I’ve adapted a bunch of it into my 5e games, but I think PP have moved on.

Good news is those books still exist out in the world and nobody can take them away.

So is a site you can use to print your own stuff in binding like rpg books. I printed my GM Toolkit & Escape the Mindslavers and they look great. This request - collect and print the DLC! - has been made several times and even Matt Wilson has weighed in that they don’t have a plan to do it. Using Lulu isn’t very expensive and the end result looks great. I plan on doing this with DLC soon, but I haven’t decided how to combine them, like all up to a date, by year, paired with only matching faction, etc. But that DLC will be in my IRL shelf soon.

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I work at a print shop and can say that print-on-demand is great BUT is the worst pricing per unit. If they’re going to do any sort of volume they’re going to have to go to press which means there’s a definite minimum order. Then there’s the logistics involved, reworking the documents to be a cohesive document, making changes for the type of binding (perfect bind versus saddlestitch), adding bleeds, etc. I don’t think it’s a bad idea but generally speaking there’s costs we often don’t think about that can shift a project from being “a good idea” to “financially unviable.”


Well yes. I was just going off what I saw Matt Wilson say in the KS comments about having no plans to print them. I personally like having them on my bookshelf whether or not PP decide to print them. If they had plans I would just wait for that. And of course POD is more expensive - its a B2C service, done in one-off or very tiny batches. And it’s necessary for the person ordering to be able to do a little layout for the cover, learn printing terminology like bleed, etc. It’s not ideal and the end product, though it will probably look good, is likely to have some imperfections.

I think a local print shop with folks able to help is a better idea - I’ve heard about great results from people using that route but I haven’t found one yet here.

But… I’d much rather just have that content collected in a PP book. Maybe an annual DLC roundup, perfect bound like Legacy of the Witchfire.

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Understood. And I don’t disagree - that’d be pretty sweet.

Sorry - you seem knowledgeable! I’m so used to having to explain folks outside my industry how pricing works >_>

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