Made some custom cards with large print for easier reading when playing

I made some 4" x 5.25" cards for us to play Warcaster last year, but when the time came to make cards for the new models we just got, I realized that the files were lost when my PC overheated & crashed last summer editing video.

So, I spent the last few weeks doing a little at a time to rebuild the original card files so that I could make new cards. Since I don’t remember the exact settings I used for the original cards’ font sizes, colors, etc, I went ahead and made fresh copies for all the cards, old & new.

I also backed these new files up so I don’t have to do this if I lose the originals again. ![:sweat_smile:]


Really nice! I’ve always found the official cards a bit unwieldy especially for demo games, since new players need to constantly flip their cards back and forth. So I was kinda planning on doing something similar.

Your cards seem to be easier to read than the originals, too, which is much appreciated by someone with a failing eyesight such as myself.

So I think I’m going to shamelessly steal your idea.

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These look awesome! Would you be willing to share the files with us?

I put the files on Dropbox for anyone who wants them. This includes the original files (made in Clip Studio Paint) and final PNG files to print:


The software I use to make them is called Clip Studio Paint. I have no affiliation with the company, but I’ve used the software for over a decade. Bought it for a 1-time fee of $50 and got all the updates free for life.

Here’s a link to the original editable files and the final PNG print files:


Thanks, great stuff. This is very helpful.

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