Agathon's spell list in MK4

I recently got back into the game and the most complete legacy faction I have is Infernals (only had to get a few things to finish, though the colossal is nigh impossible to find). One thing I noticed was that Agathon has lost Dark Fire and gained Hellfire. I found this to be a very strange change since Dark Fire was Agathon’s main source of soul collection on his own card and Hellfire has skornergy since it actually stops soul collection altogether. Can anyone provide some clarity on why this was changed? Was Agathon too strong?

Yes, there was a sense that Agathon’s spell assassination was too strong. The Infernals players on Discord disagree, and have proposed modifications to the spell list.

I’ve personally left feedback on Agathon’s entry in the app, but no changes came in the latest update.

I’d sooner see Hellmouth change than Hellfire, and I think Annihilation would be a perfect substitute. The most magic-savvy master should have a way to get souls without relying on horrors or personal melee attacks.

People also want to swap Tether for Telekinesis, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that change.

Swapping Hellmouth to Annihilation would also be a good change. I think Telekinesis is possible now that it only works on friendly models.

You mentioned discord, is there a primary Warmachine discord?

I would hate if they lost hellmouth for annihilation, it’s the best part of their kit. Hellfire is there now so can actually crack harder targets, and honestly feels great. Assassinations are hit a bit, but still absolutely kill casters dead. If I had to choose a change, I would make personally cast spells collect souls, or swap tether for literally any other spell in the game (Tether is just bad imo).

Hellmouth has lost a lot of power in the transition from MK3 to MK4, so I wouldn’t be too upset to see it go. If they added a rule that let him collect souls from any spells personally cast, even RFP ones, then he’d be fine. Honestly, though, since he’s the one that is all about the contracts, I would love to see an ability to collect souls in control from friendly models. I think it would be very thematic and give him a bit of a different style to the others.