Sell me on Tyrus

Dusk player coming from Menoth Exemplars in Mk3. I love Hellyth, don’t get me wrong. She’s awesome. Hazaroth isn’t quite my thing, but I can see his appeal. So what’s Tyrus supposed to be? His feat is pretty lackluster - move everything 2" and gain Ghostly - good for suddenly needing to get much of his army out of melee, and then everything moves quickly over that turn. But it’s a very small thing when I’m used to Kreoss or Hellyth massively boosting their army’s combat power.
I get that he has more spells and focus to throw around, which looks cool, but it feels odd to build an army around.
To be clear, I’m not complaining here. I get Tyrus and his place in the lore (I identify with him more than either other warcaster), and he’s a neat model. As a semi-new player, I feel like I’m missing something about Warmachine’s design and how to build armies.

Let me see if I can fix that for you. Tyrus is personally my favorite of the 3 he is similar to testament of Menoth high reclaimer2. His feat seems lack luster because it’s basically two spells we have but it’s not. You go anywhere and charge anything and go through anything to get where you need to be. Strangle hold is an amazing spell and can shut down a jack, Tyrus charged a unit and flashing blade he gets focus to cast more spells. But the bread and butter for me personally is revive and double void engine. Rfp does not stop souless from turning to wights and Tyrus has the best ability to revive as many souless as you need with his focus stat and death boon. Tack on battle list and you’re golden. Thrid spell for me varies between curse, mirage, and IR


Pair tyrus with prisoner 102822. That 2" place + ghostly from feat enables her to get into the thick of things and work her way through. After killing a few models, she gains an arm buff so she has some staying power too.

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The feat being Faction agnostic is great in general. Two mercenary beater solos to speed up. Eiryss to disengage or make her walk+shoot 21".

Another thing with speed feats are what happens when you hold them. Opponents have to position around a flexible movement burst option the whole time. It impacts the game in a big way without even actually doing anything. Especially one as versatile as this one, which retains its usefulness after lines are joined (by letting an entire engaged force shuffle up all engagement with near total control) so you aren’t punished by holding the feat too long really.

But really, when it comes to Tyrus appeal, the dude has an elite defensive statline, a good swingin’ sword, and 8 focus. Between Flashing Blade refunding 4ish Focus and Stranglehold paralyzing a 16 point model, his core spells have big potential to influence the table. Oh and Arcane Vortex is a very powerful rule. Cancelling spells with such certainty can really lock in certain tactical plays, and it combines with his rock solid defenses to make him even harder to kill.

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