How well does Hellyth work with a gunline?

I’m considering switching to Dusk for mk4 (RIP Protectorate) and I’ve built a few speculative 50pt lists centering on Hellyth as gunline support. 1 Ghast, 1 Eidolon, both with ranged weapons, a unit of Dreadguard Archers, a unit of Executioners, and some Soulless spears as bodyguards for Hellyth. But I haven’t had a chance to actually test this out in practice, has anyone tried this and is it viable, or do enemies just rush through the fire zone and slaughter the guns?

I have played one 75pt game with a relatively similar list. I had double archers and a void engine. The damage our guns can put out is relatively significant, with the main issues being very standard range and very few solutions for things like cover or stealth. I think theres a sweet spot where you opponent has to respect your guns (because they can very easily get into the pow17-20 range) but its easy to shut down if thats all you have.

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Thus the Executioners, even if they’re less formidable without critical hits than my favorite Cinerators. The hard question, I suppose, is when to use Hellyth’s feat. I’m inclined to use it when getting one round of shots in when the enemy’s about to charge. But again, I haven’t tested this yet.