Zu and what we know about it

So with Zu taking a more prominent role it seems in the lore I thought it appropriate to ask what exactly we know about the place. I know that it’s where the Totem Hunters originate from and where Tristant Durant set up New Icthier is.

I was wondering if there is anything else we know of.

Thanks in Advance

There are bits and pieces scattered through various IKRPG and novels over the years.

In general, Zu is a largely jungle nation. There is one major port of entry (I forget the name) where Immoren merchants and pirate ships have visited over the years and traded with Zu. The passage south is dangerous and there are only a few navigable channels through the islands to get there. Once there it can be very profitable as the local place value on a very different set of goods, and thing valuable in the Iron Kingdoms can be traded for cheaply.

There’s not a whole lot to go off of but with the description of “jungle nation” it sounds more like a hordes. type force. perhaps the Into the deep wilds monsternomicon has some creatures from there?

It may have totem hunters but it could even be a confederation of different groups

I could be wrong but I don’t believe Zu is a “nation”, I’m pretty sure it’s a continent. Besides Tristan’s new Menite city and the one trading port that the IK merchants use I don’t think I’ve seen any lore that actually talks about any organize government in Zu that the people of Western Immoren knows of.

Yeah, they’re not very welcoming down there. That one trading city is basically the one place where foreigners are welcome, which implies that there is an organized government somewhere that doesn’t want outsiders in their other cities.

Balthazar Bamfist of Riot Quest fame is from Zu, suggesting that there are more dwarves living there. Bamfist has some quite techologically advanced equipment, so simply being a continent with lots of jungle doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all filthy savages.

I mean, Finland is mostly forests and lakes, and we’re probably the most technologically advanced country in the real world.

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