Garlghast! who came first the ilsland or the beast?

So whats the relationship of the orgoth gargossal and the island?
is the island named after the beast?
were the beast and the island named after the same person or entity?
was the beast originaly native from the island than for some galaxy brain move the orgoth decided their homeland wasn’t dangerous enogh so they introduced it there and during the purge they went extinc on immoren?
are they assembled on the island and therefore the name?
i would apreciate answers, don’t expect to get them now or soon or maybe ever

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That’s where I’ve heard the name. It’d be weird to name a city “Elephant,” but I suppose weirder things have happened. I wonder if it’s some aquatic nemesis to the sea kings?

Something as it as harsh and dangerous land as a garlghast ia a beast, but yeah would be strange, but im from brazil we havea place named bad river or bad watter on the native language (tupi not portuguese)

Also is where the Witch Coven came from, probably?

Maybe the Witch Coven lore has some input on that? or the recent Cryx book?

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Strangely enough, no mention of the island in their lore in the command book. Curious

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There’s an island in the Nile known as Elephantine. It’s believed that the name originates either from the island being the shape of an elephant’s tusk, or because of large rocks that resemble elephants on the island itself.

Garlghast may have a similar story. Maybe the island’s silhouette resembles one of these garlghasts.