Who has been reading Dragonfall and what do you think is the next faction to release?

So it was mentioned some time ago that if you read Dragonfall you’ll have an idea of what one of the the next faction releases will be.
Well, after just reading Dragonfall Part 2, I have a strong feeling that we’re going to see Cephalyx have a new army release. Which I find interesting and exciting.
But I could also see a possible new faction happen with Blighterghast as the lead. It would be nice and very fun to see another faction created by a dragon. But that all depends on how Dragonfall ends.
What does everyone else think?

Cephalyx definitely seems like a strong possibility, though so far we haven’t seen anything new out of them. Khymaera does seem closely tied to them though, so maybe the second Khymaera Army will be more Cephalyx-y?

I’m thinking that Cephalyx is building up an army. They’re going to start collecting bodies from Orgoth. Which means fueling their forces and then they can start attacking Khymera to experiment on. I can’t really see them allying themselves with Khymera.

I was more thinking that Khymaera takes over a hive and maybe doesn’t completely rebuild them like Shadowflame Shard, but I’m not sure confident about that or anything.

That could be interesting and i like the idea.

welll if the orgoth plan sucedes, well there is only one beeing on caen who can defeat blighterghast, thats toruk, so Cryx MKIV army maybe, i would like that, but i would prefer if it was an wrcaster led army


The original comment was probably aimed at reading all Dragonfall, and if it’s a 6-part light novel like the previous one, there may still be many surprises.

Cephalyx intervention is probably finished, other than collecting the promised bodies (without an attached soul? that’s efficency if they can “sell” the same victim multiple times), and they may be left for future menaces.

Cryx and Circle could show up if Dragon activity is involved, specially if Blightergast ends being controlled as a weapon. Legion of Everblight could be there, but I’d put them as more unlikely given similarity to Khymaera.

Protectorate and Skorne seem more unlikely, but who knows.


I definitely see Cryx playing a role in this at some point. I would love to see Circle show up as well but not sure where they would fit into the narrative at this moment. Either way though I’d be excited for both as those are both factions I play and enjoy. But Circle is definitely my first love. :sweat_smile:

The story actually mentioned a few legacy factions, but after two chapters, Cephalyx seem the most likely candidate. (They also showed up in the Khymaera fiction.)

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Wasn’t there some Mk.2 fluff where Krueger contacted Blighterghast for some reason? (How is Krueger doing anyway?)

I believe so. Have not really seen anything of Circle yet. But I would hope we’d see something from them soon. But Cephalyx definitely seems to be the next faction so far.

If im not mistaken kruger was killed(or gravely injuried) by griever swarms after destroying the gate at the battle of hengehold

Yes to hunt and destroy everblight, and he did some fuckery that ended up introducing dragon blight in the ley lines, to reveal everblights anthacs shards positions

yeah there could be some Circle sheanigans in the line of “we were pretty neutral, even happy, with this Orgoth invasion, but then you fucked up with the whole dragon things and now we need to kill you by launching warpwolves and tharns in your general direction”

Although “hey we were first at destroying civilization, we want our own dragon now” could be a possibility


I’m holding out for Everblight to take the Athanac.


I need to read the stories now! I half wonder if experimenting with a Cephylax Cadre would be a good idea before trying to re-introduce them fully?

Maybe but they are being set up to play what feels like a big role. So i would hope a full faction.

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But, Cadre to who? Cadres as a separate force seems to be only a MKIV Armies thing, so it could be that some day there are two Cryx MKIV Armies that share a Cephalyx Cadre, which would be neat, although maybe a bit limited.

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I’m hoping for a blighterghast mini faction. Like, literally, just him as a warlock and some spawn or something. Now that there’s 120mm bases, put him on one.

Story wise, he wakes up, the storm lances save him but then he’s all ummm… I’m a dragon and he burns most of the storm lances too before they can get away and now he’s mostly just trying to figure out what is going on and defending his territory.

I wonder what his stats would even be?

Maybe something like
Is a warlock that adds 40 points to your force
SPd 10, flight
Arm 22, 60 HP
Pow17 Spray 15 with corrosion damage and fire on hit, Rof 3
4 Pow 20 melee attacks with
10 Fury

With the Cryx involvement and the dragonstuff Epilogue, I’m not sure which one I would prefer as 7th Faction.

Although I’m sure there is an Unannounced Army with Fury (because the Mercs) beyond the Orgoth 2nd Army, not sure if Cryx fits in that…

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I’ve been saying for a minute that I think Cryx bone construct warbeasts would be cool, but I’m not sure we’ve had any official confirmation faction 7 will have a fury based army as it’s first