So khymaera lore today hum

We see Rassyk’s birth and Nyxyan is most likely the exulon on the story(also called Nixian), so the one whos left to reveal is Shyss, any especulations?

That’s the sound you make when someone asks questions about Shyss.


I’ll be curious to see what becomes of the Legion itself and how Legion fans react to this story, but damn it does go hard.

I like that the faction is being set up with a narrative story like this instead of a Compendium too, given that it’s based on some very specific character stories rather than a larger nation like Cygnar or Khador. It would have been a little dry to get our first taste of this with a Compendium that simply said “After the Battle of Henge Hold etc etc”


Agreed, now is eagerly waiting for the continuations…

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Honestly i feel like she’s still just everblight’s pawn somehow so they’ll always be reading the same village a few days apart of something…hmmm…

I get the temptation to relate the two, but at the moment Shadowflame shard feels nothing like legion of Everblight to me. It feels more like orgoth sea raiders, a totally new faction with aesthetics and flavour of its own. Then again, I’m not a Legion fan so take my views with a grain of salt.

Maybe khymaera’s 2nd army would have closer legion references to me? We’ll see when the time comes.


I have to agree on that front. It does feel like something completely new with small homages to the old stuff.

Personally, I especially dislike the Warbeasts and the Yuan Ti feel. Of course, that’s subjective but it does feel like a big step away from the Tereph or Shredders or Scytheans. As a PoM Player since Mk2, having collected the entire range and having loved the look and feel of Protectorate I am more than a bit concerned about how a new MkIV Menoth faction will look and feel. Khador and Brinebloods did a good job keeping the feel, Cygnar did but less so and Khymaera feels even more of a departure.

All that to say, it looks and feel different. The sculpting is excellent, I can’t knock that - it’s just not my cup of tea.

It seems pretty clear that the Twins are wholly severed from Everblight. :slightly_smiling_face:


From the story it definitely seems like Legion and Cephalyx want to get a brand new toy.

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With some mutation of Cyriss. They got the whole Vex meets Lovecraft body horror thing going on.

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Yep from the story it definitely seems like Legion and Cephalyx will be their own thing. In Riot Quest, Everblight puts his mind in the Cult of Cyriss Constellation (super computer) eats all the minds in it and goes full dragon skynet.

No biologicals.

I don’t know if this is the direction but it could be.

I admit that I didn’t follow Riot Quest very closely, but…where did that happen?

Yeah give us the details!

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This is from an old description but there was a Riot Quest fiction on the PP site. Basically, Everblight tries to escape the Oblivion event because the Internal Invasion created two timelines, one where they lost and one where they win.

To escape Everblight puts his mind in the Cult of Cyriss Constellation, eats all the minds in there and starts making Legion of Everblight but no organics.

There is some more information here

I am not seeing anything beyond what you quoted about Everblight himself. The closest thing to Riot Quest fiction that I found on Privateer’s site is this:

Can you link to the fiction to which you refer?

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Wish I would have saved the link at the time but digging for it will require more time and energy than I am willing to give. Privateer Press feel free to join in.