Dark Rising Fluff Discussion


  1. In part 6 of Dark Rising, we see Dagholoth mention about the Prophecy. What do you think each statement is referring to? Here is my interpretation.

From death, I see the end of all.
The shrine is shattered. The mighty fall.
In darkened tomb my words ring true.
A dark prince brings death anew.

  • This is Dagholoth establishing himself as a seer/prophet upon his death when his Shrine and Orgoth fell in the first invasion. The dark prince possibly refers to Vladimir Tzepesci here because an old prophecy (probably this exact one in particular?) delivered to the Tzepesci kings of the past states Khador facing a great doom should the Tzepesci line come to an end.

Come lightless masters on ebon wings.
Come sunless dawns and fallen kings.
Across the sea where black sails plume.
The once defeated bring forth doom.

  • I think Ebon wings refere to Toruk and his other dragon progenies.
  • Not sure what sunless dawns refer to, but fallen kings could be related to Vinter Raelthorne?
  • Black Sails and once defeated coming back is referring to Orgoth here.

The heavens butchered and gods cast down.
In blood divine, you all shall drown.

  • This section refers to the Sundering, resulting in the rise of the Eldritch.

Take up your blade in vengeful hate.
Strike me down and seal your fate.

  • This is likely directed at a Tzepesci and a trigger for the repercussions to come.
  1. Is the blade Ilari used Dominion? Vladimir Tzepesci’s blade?

  2. Ilari seems worried that he has fulfilled the prophecy. I’m guessing because this spells doom for Khador?

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I also theorize it’s Dominion, considering the Old Witch is involved.

Fallen kings may not just refer to Vinter. Julius is also ill, and other dragons are active too. Blighterghast’s spawn are referenced as being a potential issue as well.

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Yeah I’m think killing Dagholoth allows him to release his soul to climb back and be reborn. Maybe whatever spell magics was holding him in that tomb but now that he has been killed fullifed the prophecy of his return thus bringing ruin to Khador and everyone in Orgoth’s way.

I assumed the bit about gods was prophecy about the human gods dying because of what Borisyuk did.

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I see where you are coming from. Could totally be interpretated this way!

My initial assumption was the prophecy details a series of events that happened and culminated with dalgholoth’s death. Now that you mentioned it this way, it does seem to make more sense as to why ilari was absolutely shaking with fear post-realisation.

“A prophecy delivered to the Tzepesci kings of old tells of a great doom to befall Khador when the Tzepesci line comes to an end.”

So, the thing here is: unless something gets retconned, the Old Witch put Vlad & Sorscha’s daughter on an express skyship to Cyriss during Henge Hold, and thus his line probably will never end. :slight_smile:

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It makes a lot more sense for this to refer to infernals, specifically the Fellgoeth infernals based on context. “Infernal masters” and all.

I think it’s a lot more likely that the Fellgoeth are after humanity’s gods, specifically Menoth, Morrow, and Thamar, not the now-deceased Iosan pantheon. After all, we know that the gods have withdrawn since the Claiming. (I can’t find the quote right now.)

The Iosan pantheon – minus Scyrah and Nyssor obviously – got fed to the Nonokrion Order centuries ago in exchange for humanity receiving the Gift of Magic.

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This was closer to my interpretation of it too. I worry the Iosian gods were just the beginning, and what will come of a potentially greater culling of the gods. The Devourer Wyrm is an existential threat to all those that dwell on the body of Caen, I wonder if a large part of why it lies dormant is due to the gods of each society? What was Baldur so shaken by?