Dead on Arrival

I just finished reading the Dead on Arrival chapter. I loved it. Anson Wolfe is a super likable character and the writers do a good job of showing off the creepiness of Dusk. I’m also glad to see they can write a really good chapter without depending entirely on combat.


Agreed! It was my first time knowingly reading fiction by Matt Wilson, and I thought it was really well written. I’m excited to see what comes next in the story


He’s living up to the hype so far.


I agree it was really good. Dusk lore has me hyped too.

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I agree, it was great. I was worried they would invent some Avengers style disagreement to fight over since we know Kallyss is friendly, but nah. Just a really peculiar and entertaining introduction scene. Can’t wait for more


The Dusk compendium says a couple of times that Dusk is struggling to make alliances with the major factions. Either that’s a spoiler for whats to come or the state of matters prior to this story.

I’m fully expecting misunderstandings as the story progresses but I hope that Cygnar accepts them by the end.

I fully expect it to be a bamboozle, or at the very least have there be a subset of Dusk that isn’t trying to be so kind

House Kallyss are the only ‘good guys’ it looks like. The other main houses seem to be neutral at best and possibly hostile if I’m reading the lore correctly.

Thank you for the recommendation! First piece of PP fiction I read since some Skull Island Expedition stuff back in the day, and indeed it’s great!

Always shocking how well a short piece of fiction can introduce a wargaming faction. Hadn’t paid any attention to House Kallyss so far (and wasn’t a Retribution guy in the past either), and suddenly here I am admiring the Hellyth sculpt and researching weapon option of the Kallyss warjacks.