Which scenarios are best for low point games (30-50)?

As above.

My group is full of older folks, and we play games before our weekly RPG night. So long, epic battles aren’t really viable for us. As such we’ve always favored low point games (0-25 points in Mk3).

I find “deathmatch” boring so I’d really like to do scenarios. But I don’t know what would work or be appropriate for those point levels. Any suggestions? Bonus if we can fit in a 3rd player.

I’d say check out some of the Battle Forged stuff in the app (I think most of them require the subscription). There’s a lot that are made for 50 that you could probably scale down. I think the Journeyman League rules in there also have scenarios for like 30 points.

Yeah. Also, they’ll let you capture points with any warrior model instead of just a solo for a flag for instance and things like that which help out for smaller point armies. You could adapt some rules from the campaign into some of the steamroller.

I really hope the new SR has scenarios for 50p, 75p and 100p. So we’ll get like 18 different ones, 6 per point level. The spoiled scenarios are quite large for 50p.

Check Brawlmachine, it works exactly as well as it used to at the end of mk3. Perfect for small battles, you just need to come up with a list of banned models for mk4 (explanation for mk3 bans will give you an idea of what to avoid).

The Brawlmachine scenarios don’t really fit though. They’re mk3 scenarios with zones and old variant flags. Not really a good way to get to know mk4 scenarios and play.

I didn’t get an impression that the original poster cares much about most up to date tournament scenarios.

Brawlmachine will work just fine with mk4 rules and models.

Yeah, in just looking for fun beer and pretzels gaming :slight_smile:

Might be worth exploring Recon Mk4 from the upcoming 2024 steamroller packet. That looks friendly for low point sized games.

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