3 player Scenarios

I have a group of us that are looking to play but there are 3 players which doesn’t work for a lot of scenarios. I’m brainstorming some ideas and would love some other Ideas.

Take and Hold: someone has to hold a point in the middle for two turns.

Fortified position: one person is fortified, the other two assualt, but victory goes to first caster kill

Hold until relieved: Fortified player has 75 points and terrain placement advantage. The other two have to wipe out the caster in 5 turns or the fortified player wins.

Corner placement: 50 points each, free for all. First caster kill wins.

Please let me know if you have additional ideas.


My main group also has three, so this comes up a lot too.

There was a 4-player format called Kommodant that a fan made in mk3. We adapted to 3 players for our use.


I think that would be a lot of fun to have just because! I played one a long time ago where it was 3v a monster. It was a lot of fun.

One colossal models make it to mk4, you could have multiple players take on a giant rampaging monster. You could improve it kinda like the Monpoc boss battle too

There’s three of adults in our house who play and we’ve tried various things, including the above mentioned Commandant scenario.

What has worked out to the most fun games has simply been a 2vs1 where the 2 players each take a army list and the 1 takes 2 army lists and runs them both.

This working so well may have a fair bit to do with me having 20 years experience and my favourite game mode way back in the day being 1000 point 2 caster games, but it is a blast.

I would love to see some official scenarios drop designed and balanced for 3 (or more) separate players though.

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You mean something like this? It’s from the game Summoners which is quite similar. You can find the whole thing under neverrealm.de

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Yeah… Colossal aren’t really that strong. A pair of heavy Warjacks can usually bring one down. What you could definitely do is wave system though with one player as the gm.

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Some of the no quarters have 2-4 player scenarios. Lmk if you want specifics on which ones. You could probably pretty easily adapt them to MkIV