Lack of a Scenarios Chapter in the App MK 4 Core Rules

Ok, so my friends and I have been playing Warmahordes since late MK I. We all love this game, but also, we all have only ever played it as a beer-and-pretzel thing amongst our group. None of us have ever played in any tournaments.
One of the things we noticed about previous editions was the Scenarios chapter, that explained the rules of the Scenario system and listed some basic scenarios to use for simple home games, essentially. Hell, MK 3’s Scenarios chapter had 9 strait-forward scenarios you could use, even a random chart for them. We never looked at past Steamroller documents, since at a glance that looked like the tournament rules to us, that we didn’t want to fuss with.
Now with Mk 4, the beta document had a Scenarios chapter, but had two simple scenarios listed. The pdf of the finalized rules document (that I had to download from the store?), had a Scenarios chapter that explained the rules, but that’s IT, no scenarios listed(?). Now, I check the core rules in the app, and the chapter is just completely gone. The only other scenario stuff I can fine is for leagues and organized play.
Does anyone have any insight into why they decided to leave this out?
And yes I know, there is nothing stopping us from just using the MK 3 versions, but the omission is just weird to me. Thanks

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No insights into the rulebook scenarios, but I’ll toss out a couple other things:

The reason the PDF is in the store is almost certainly for purposes of version control and/or ease of delivery. The MK IV rules have undergone rapid updates (of various magnitude) compared to updates in previous editions. Putting the PDF in the store means it’s impossible for somebody to find an alternate version lurking around on some random Insider or obscure download path. (At one point in time, Googling for the MK III rules PDF brought up three or four different search results, only one of which provided the correct document.)

That’s my guess, at least. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the rulebook scenarios themselves: in my experience, they were hardly ever used after players’ first few games. Everyone I observed either played Steamroller or the various league or No Quarter scenarios (which equate to the various Black Tide and whatnot scenarios in the app.)

Maybe Adam or someone else can shed some more light on the scenario question!

Makes sense.
What they could do, within the Library, in the the Core section, is just stick a document called like, I don’t know, “Simple Scenarios” or something like that, and it could be as easy as just coping and pasting the MK 3 Scenario chapter. That way they can leave the core rules document as it is, and some of the player base (like my group) might like the simpler versions.

I dunno, having some simple scenarios in the main rulebook makes it a complete document in my mind; it’s all you need to play the game. Along with the models and cards of course.

Of course right now there are no cards so you’re always working off the app, so it’s not the same as it used to be. But still, it makes sense to me to include some “intro scenarios” in the main rulebook.

I’m just old-fashioned.