Steamroller 2023

When can we expect the official Steamroller 2023 document to be updated?

For example the objective rules are completely missing. How can a new player know what they are and how they work if not included in the document?

Another thing is that the document says that Racks should be saved in the Warmachine app and the force cannot be altered after the tournament has begun. While I think this would be a good balancing factor not to make mk4 factions too versatile over Legacy factions in tournament play, I’m not sure this is intended.

Also the Death clock time limit for 100 point games is clearly too strict. Practically all tight grind type games go way over time.

One last thing to note is that going first is almost always way too good. Especially units are superb fast in mk4. Something should be done to make going 2nd less of a burden.


I actually just emailed them about the objective cards last week. The response says they are supposed to implemented into the app. This should be happening soon but there was debate about the best way to include them. They talked about a full version of the steamroller doc in the app

One thing I just noticed that it doesn’t say anywhere in the document (or in the pictures) how large the deployment areas are. Visually the player 1 deployment is a little bit smaller than player 2 deployment.

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What do you think is a good way to even out going first vs second?

To weaken first maybe lower deployment from 7” to 5”? That would still have room for huge base models. I’d say extend deployment for second player but if player 1 has decent shooting range it wouldn’t matter.

I’m not sure how to strengthen going second? Maybe you can cast upkeeps free first turn or non offensive spells once each for free for first turn? This would help get upkeeps up but this is somewhat caster specific so I don’t think it’s a great idea.

This would be nice. Moving more stuff into the App to centralise it would be great, especially if there was an easy Roll for Scenario function.

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In the games ive played there isn’t a huge difference between first and second unless your opponent is pushing a certain type of Shove list which tries to essentially push you entirely off the board as early as possible.

Defences are actually amazing tech against these types of lists, though.

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I haven’t played or witnessed a single mk4 game where the one who won the starting roll decided to go 2nd. That alone tells quite a lot. The problem is that because units move so fast you can threaten all scenario zones and many times even the enemy deployment zone on turn 2a. That gives so good scenario presence that it is hard to pass.

Of course some lists cannot do that but even for those going first is still better… especially if against some fast list.

The deployment zones are stated in the base rules now. First player deploys 7 inches in, second player 10 inches in.

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In my opinion, the person setting up tables is partly responsible for applying this balance. The choice of the table side should matter, you should have to consider, “do I want to go first and give my opponent that terrain piece on their side that will help them out.”

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Might make more sense when huge based models are reintroduced. Usually accounting for force composition is part of accounting for time in larger size games.

Ive chosen to go second a few times, especially with Defences on the table now i think its a very live choice. Terrain supremacy is a huge advantage.

Being second player always give you the chance to charge the objective and jump deep into the enemy lines.
Also you should bring a lot of threat, also as second player, so the first can’t push far forward.

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The second person getting to score first and last (turn 7) evens out quite alot of the game. There is a big issue with the first turn tunning player one can do for some lists - but if you bring a few guns that can punish that quite well sometimes?

Yeah I agree strongly, where I usually play it’s setup before I get there but one side is usually protected better which works out well. I usually play ranged focus lists and there is the trade off of who wants cover or who wants to get across faster so it works out. Both sides still have terrain but one side is usually much more kitted.

Any word on Steamroller document update?

Look for the update to the objectives and terrain in general in the coming weeks. Its been worked on actively at this moment.

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Hello Mursu,

We’ll have Steamroller 2023 updated very soon. The update has been entered and just needs to be approved.

Objectives are being entered with proper coding and additionally will be up shortly.

Racks are presently intended to be selectable at the start of each game and not locked. We are currently evaluating if we should lock them, but for now choose separately each game.

Clock time and first turn are both being analyzed to verify need of adjustment. We’re awaiting more data and feedback before changing anything at this time.



Good to hear that. So far first turn is as dominating as it was in mk3.

I havent played any 100 point games yet, but plenty of 75 pointers. Death clock seems fine there, and 100 points seems to be fewer models than mk3 75 points were. Also, the rules are made to play faster now. Why does the 100 point death clock need to be longer? In a competitive environment i mean.

My experience has been that if one side dominates the game the time is not a problem. But if the game is tight and doesn’t end on scenario early (which is pretty likely at 100 points) very many games would be decided by the clock rather than the scenario/assassination. Usually we just play it out but both are well clocked out in the end.

I wonder what’s the competitive environment where this doesn’t happen. Also my personal opinion is that Steamroller document should be suitable for all somewhat competitive players. If the top 1% can memorize every stat and rule by heart (yours and opponent) and can play mechanically perfect without loose measuring (being tight on time strongly increases loose measurements) that still isn’t enough.