When your location dice is the best in the bunch


Played Dusk against Crucible Guard, boosted and Life-Tradered a damage roll… and got this. Because dice-off-6, I got 1 point of damage.
Overall, a great game for me, right up until Syvestro sniped Hellyth. But a very enjoyable game regardless.


That’s about my average Doom Reaver charge roll from the last 10 times I played that army, so I feel ya! :sweat_smile:


what the hell have you been doing to your dice to make them mistreat you that way?!?

That is a very good question, heh.

(In all seriousness, I strongly suspect that three of those dice are legitimately flawed. I’ve consistently had awful, awful rolls with those dice. I switched from my old GF9 Khador dice in mid-MK III because I was concerned about damaging or losing them. I think that was a mistake!)

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Looks pretty normal for me. I had a game where Kromac missed four attacks in a row. I only needed a four to hit by the way. Last night Grayle missed his charge attack because I rolled double one’s. I rolled a three on his next attack