Tatiana is back. This time against Cryx

Tatiana has finally managed to get som work done. This time Cryx is moving to Khador shores.

You can read all about it here: https://greylordarchives.blogspot.com/2024/05/kommander-tatiana-sikora-vs-pirate.html

For the Motherland!


Tough to guess ranges from the screenshots, but I think I would have played something differently.

On turn 1, on the right side, I would have run the unit of Snipers (picking one of the human models to make the movement) and placed the Hunting Dog and his Mark Target to cover the entire right side of Satyxis.

Then, I would have advanced the Suppressors (with Desperate Pace from Sikora) and tried to hose down as many Satyxis as possible. You need 7’s to hit (or 9’s if the opponent used Whipping Winds), but especially with Tatiana’s feat, hitting is possible. I’d also argue that, no matter what, drawing first blood better than just taking the first hit to the face. :slight_smile:

Also, effective turn 1 feats are a very real thing in MK IV. :slight_smile:

(Also also: I still find it so weird to see no guns on the Khador 'jacks!)

I didn’t try to do the math to see if things were close enough; I was just guessing from the screenshots. So, it’s possible I’m completely off. :slight_smile:

Interesting approach. I have not thought about that.

Guessing range from a skewed picture is indeed difficult. But, calculations won’t lie :slight_smile:


  • SPD 7" (assuming nothing can speed them up)
  • Deployment 6"
  • Running 5"
  • Coherence 2"
  • Base size 1.18"

That is 21" up the board assuming full throttle.


  • SPD 4"
  • Deployment 11"
  • Desperate Pace 2"
  • Coherence 2"
  • Base size 1.97"
  • Range 10"

That is an impressive 30" that we can hit stuff (and we are even ignoring Press the Advantage from an Officer). That is 3" more than the front of the first Satyxis.


  • SPD 6"
  • Deployment 11"
  • Advanced Deployment 3"
  • Running 5"
  • Coherence 2"
  • Base size 1.57"
  • Mark Target 5"

That is 33" away that one could be affected by Mark Target. That is 6" more than the first Satyxis.

With no help, the Suppressors only have a 27.78% of actually hitting a Satyxis. With the dog around it improves to 58.34%. That is pretty good. I think I might try this. Thank you Michael.

With respect to 'jacks with not shooting. I like to have something heavy hitting. It is only the Wrecking Crew that can do damage, and I think they are a bit pillow fisted.

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