Legacy Warmachine models for WNM

I was looking at some WM legacy models for kicks, and I notice that the more feral like infernals would make a good neutral or wild faction for rhe void. Especially things like the grievers. Are there any other faction or models you think woulf fit? Seems like they could be used for narrative campaigns

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I am currently converting Mortenebra, Numen of Necrogenesis to an Aeternus Continuum model. I replaced the smokestacks with leftover Nemesis wings, which makes her look like a crossover between a centipede and a dragonfly. Not a perfect fit aesthetically, but I needed a justification to buy the model :laughing: .


They are working on a ‘neutral beasts’ concept to support a narrative campaign, although the last we saw of it was quite old. (https://www.arcane-synthesis.com/2023/02/18/warcaster-2023-upcoming-new-releases/ had a summary from primecast)

I also saw a group playing through a Void Wraith gen con scenario with all sorts of funky conversions to represent the Void Wraiths. Grievers are probably closest - the official model was the “Squiddy” Factotum which has a similar body to a Griever.

I’ve actually been putting a lot of thought into this recently, as my wife loves playing this game but isn’t into any of the current factions enough to warrant owning models for them. (She most identifies with Marchers, but I already have enough of them for us to both play Skirmish forces.)

So far, my concepts for adapting Warmachine forces for Warcaster have been:

  • The Wyrm Incursion - “The Legion of Cyriss”, using Legion of Everblight models as an alien invasion of space dragons; they emerge from void funnels that can spontaneously rip open from the void itself; they are drawn to devour caches of Arcanessence, attacking production sites and large pockets of civilization utilizing volumes of the resource
  • The Circle of Cyriss - members of the Circle Orboros that came through the void gate at Hengehold with the rest of the human refugees; once in Cyriss, they found their druid magic worked naturally with Arcanessence; they now travel in massive orrery constructs (like a Celestial Fulcrum, but WAY bigger); they seek to ALL civilizations (including the Empyreans) and return Cyriss to a true cosmic balance

I could also see concepts where the Grymkin travelled through the void and adapted to life in Cyriss, but I haven’t given that one as much thought.

Overall, my thinking is that the stats of Warcaster are similar enough across factions that it is not too hard to extrapolate a set of solos, squads, warjacks, and even vehicles of varying abilities. To keep scenario and cypher cards clean, I just label the “warbeasts” as warjacks – a minor abstraction, but not a big concern.

I’ve given thought to having some custom Void Gates for these factions as well.

The Vyrm have Void Funnels which can move 1" during your Ready Phase for each arc on them. They also have an ARM equal to their Arc. The idea is that they can be deployed with more protection from terrain and then emerge out to more open areas of value.

For the Circle of Cyriss I felt the Shifting Stones made a natural Void Gate choice. I wasn’t as ambitious with their rules, and just gave them a DEF 2 and Stealth instead.

I didn’t have the energy for doing it, but I can also see how any new army in Warcaster could also have a different set of Cypher cards to shake up their play style further.

Overall, I think the potential of Warcaster for hosting new armies is HUGE, and legacy Warmachine models can fill that void (pun intended) until PP finds energy for Warcaster again.