What Do Yall Think of The Rules For Ghosts of Ios?

Now that the Cadre has been out for a bit, Thoughts?

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Looks neat. Our local Dusk players haven’t been active (despite buying a bunch of stuff), so I haven’t had the chance to see any on the table as of late.

I reserve further opinion until I see them in action. :slight_smile:

As a Ret player they look like a really interesting evolution of a lot of Ret staples, though tweaked in some curious ways.

I like Morayne, she seems like a fun toolbox sort of caster. Mortality is a great debuff in any Army and the combo of Spirit Door and Funeral Rites is really intriguing.

I like that the Spector seems to be the result of gluing all of the Shyeel light jacks together (including Moros). It feels like it’s maaaaybe a bit overtuned but at 10 points you’re definitely paying for it.

All the infantry seems interesting. Turning Mage Hunter Assassins into a unit is a neat twist, as is having the Mage Hunters finally pick up a gun.

Overall I think it’s a really cool package. If the second Dusk Army ends up being more appealing to me I’ll almost certainly pick them and the Ghosts up as my Mk4 Focus Army. If there had been a whole Ghosts of Ios Army I would be all-in with no questions asked lol

Non-rules-wise, I do think it’s very funny that a decade after Ios collapsed we have the eldrich out here trying to maintain the traditions of the Stormfall Archers and the living Mage Hunters who are left are like “okay maybe we should try guns instead of crossbows this time?”


At first glance I’m not excited about the light. For two more points you get a heavy which is an upgrade I would take a lot of the time

Morayne seems good I’ll definitely be playing her. Mortality is excellent and I think she’ll play well with Magnus especially

Character solo seems good especially with hazaroth cats or something similar but don’t cheat! Threads of life is living models only.

Sniper solos seem bonkers for 3 points

Commander solo seems great. I’m specifically looking forward to him with hellyth so she can repo after shooting

The assassin unit seems fun I’ll definitely try them out.

The ranger unit I’m a bit on the fence for. They’re really good at killing swi but I have never found that too be hard so I’m not sure I take a unit dedicated to it.


The Assasins are crazy value in an army with Mortality and Battle Lust. With both of those in, a unit takes out a Great Bear on average, even if it has a Shield and Iron Flesh. They feel a bit too cheap.

The Sniper Team is great too, definitely makes my Mortar Crew look even worse, but that is probably due to the Mortar Crew just being too bad. :sweat_smile:

I like the warcaster a lot, has two of my favorite spells (Spirit Door and Mortality), would almost start playing Dusk just to play that.

The light Jack is expensive, but really hard to remove from zones.

Overall a really good and strong cadre.

Morayne looks like a lot of fun, the spell combo is going to make her hard to pin down, and give some good assassination options.
The Spectre looks pretty good for 10 points, especially compared to the Ghast. It is very survivable and easy to get into place, plus Def 17 under arcane propulsion could be fun (not for an opponent).
The units look great mini wise and rules wise, I can see picking up 2 boxes of this Cadre and running all ghosts!

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Used them last week with Hellyth and an Eidolon, against Brinebloods. I was still getting used to them, but the Mage Hunter Rangers and Commander took out most of a unit of Marauders, and the Specter got within one point of killing Shadowtongue, before the Great Old One ate Hellyth. My fault, for placing my caster so close to an enemy. The Specter’s a great mobile assassin. Haven’t had a chance to run Vaelyss, the Assassins, or Morayne yet.

Morayne is really good. She has very good stats and great spell list. Spirit Door Israfyl/Eidolon yoyo with Mortality is scary. With Dyssiss you can apply Mortality on two units. Fog of war is good too as almost all ghost of ios models have prowl.
Funreal rights is crazy good. Spirit Dooring your heavy in oponents turn anyone? Revive a model when oponent is trying to clear a zone? Abyssal Gate sth back to screw up ranges? Mortality is great and her feat is good too - it allows spell assasinations against oponents not careful enough.
Overall a really good caster.

Specter is really beefy. Dude is 15/19 against melee with generator and stealth agains shooting. With Scyrafael you can bump him to 17/19 which is nuts if you have no way to knock him down. That being said he’s POW 14 in melee and costs 10 pts and i’m not sure he will get enough job to justify this. To sum up it’s a amazing piece if you want to contest a zone but don’t expect it to do amazing job killing stuff.

Sniper crews are really good. Finally a 3pt solo in Dusk ;). And a really good one - 14’’ dispel shot looks great. I expect to see them in dusk lists regularly.

MH commander is amazing piece! It’s very flexible. His battle plans are very good . Two of them seem kind of redundant in Dusk as all dreadguard are tough anyways and most lists will be playing guardians anyway, but he’s worth paying just for repo one. Additionaly he can remove stealth plus he it quite decent in combat d3 POW 10 volume fire shots with dual attack and weapon master melee. He’ll be played a lot.

Mage Hunter Assassins. 3 one wound infantry models for 6 pts is a quite hefty price. They can have a nice damage output if you invest in buffing them. They can be a bit hard to deliver as they die to blasts pretty easily. They will be played with Morayne for sure to trigger funeral rights. Apart from that i’m not sure they are worth it.

Vaelys is quite good. Her ability to negate damage in other facions could be busted. In Dusk it good but not crazy as many of the units you’d want to save are undead. Grim returns makes me want to try a recursion list (Tyrus with Revive and Vaelys and double Void Engines). The transformation ability is quite nice as it happens in 5’’ so you can place her outside of melee of the thing that killed her.

Mage Hunter Rangers. That’s a nice unit if you have a lot of singlewound infantry lists in you meta.

Overall really good and strong cadre IMO.