House Kallyss: So-o-o-o-o-o CLOSE

Ok, now that some lucky folks got to pick some Dusk starter armies up at GenCon, when can the rest of us common rabble get some? :smiling_imp:

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I’m putting my money on September.

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They’ve already started shipping to international distribution, so I’m guessing late August/early September


Here in the UK I’ve had a pre-order in for the box since Feb, but the expansion box is showing as allocation sold out (as is the void engine and character Jack) so who knows if I will ever be able to get them.
Plus so far we have seen delays in getting stuff even after the release date unless the order is with the distributors shop, other retailers have had to wait an extra 2-3 weeks to get stock (this is only anecdotal from the 3 orders I’ve had and one a friend has had, but has happened on all orders we have made).

Same for brineblood starters.

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Mine arrived yesterday.

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I’m picking mine up tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Got an Email for the UK supplier saying they don’t expect it to arrive till the 29th of September.
All the unreleased stuff is listed as sold out in the UK (by Wayland games the importer).

I guess we just aren’t getting stuff and its flights to the US as an only option (which I have done before to get the Cryx broken coast stuff and Skarre 3 when they released).
When will the UK printer be shipping straight to the UK?
Ans is there any traction to getting a real distributor in the UK? Warcradle are awful.

I was planning to pick mine up at my FLGS on release day… and then I caught covid, so I’ve been stuck at home the last week. My local store tends to sell out fast so I’m ptobably going to be waiting for the 2nd printing… when I can actually go out and roll dice again. :rofl:

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